Presenting The Return Of Our Free Name Tags Sample Offer For The New Intake Of 2016

Schools: Presenting The Return Of Our Free Name Tags Sample Offer For The New Intake Of 2016

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Presenting The Return Of Our Free Name Tags Sample Offer For The New Intake Of 2016

We’ve had great feedback from schools who’ve found that parents are much more enthusiastic about using name tags once they’ve been able to see and try them for themselves – which benefits the school by both increasing the amount of school uniform and equipment that is securely labelled (reducing the amount of Lost Property that they have to deal with) AND increasing the amount of commission they receive.

When you can get my Free Name Tags Samples…

This year, we will be producing free samples for schools during May and June in preparation for the new intake who will be arriving in September.

You can request your free samples either by filling in our new online Request Form or sending us an email.

Simply provide us with your school details along with the names of your new intake (we recommend sending an Excel spreadsheet with the first names in the first column and the surnames in the second column) and we will get your samples printed, packed, and delivered to the school directly.

Each pupil will receive FIVE Stikins ® name tags printed with their name and individually packed with a set of Instructions For Use and a parent leaflet with information about how to place an order.

If you are an existing member of our commission scheme and have a link set up on your school or PTA website to our website then you can choose to request free samples for the entire school; simply include all of the names in your spreadsheet and we will produce free Stikins ® name tags samples for all of your pupils – if you include class groups in your spreadsheet, we will pack your samples by classes so they’re easier to hand out. 

The spreadsheet of names will be used only for the purposes of personalising the samples and will be completely deleted from our system as soon as the samples have been printed and packed.

If you have any problems with requesting personalised samples due to your school’s data privacy policy, we are more than happy to send out generic samples that are printed with the school name or class names only.

If you wish, you can handout your samples with a covering letter from the school, explaining a bit more about the benefits of using name tags, how these name tags can raise money for the school, and perhaps even a bit of detail about the specific projects that will be supported by the commission you earn (to raise awareness of and support for these projects to help you reach your targets that much faster!). We have a number of example letters on our website, which you can use as a starting point or guide for your own letter.

Get in Touch for Name Tags

To request your free samples of name tags, simply visit the Fundraising Section of our website and select the “School Request” page. Additionally, speak to one of our team for any further information.

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