Have Fun Fundraising For Comic Relief This Red Nose Day!

Schools: Have Fun Fundraising For Comic Relief This Red Nose Day!

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Have Fun Fundraising For Comic Relief This Red Nose Day!

It’s that time of year where schools across the country take on the challenge of raising funds for Comic Relief. We send the best of luck to all of our customers and school fundraisers – we hope you all have a successful and fun day of fundraising!

If you’re new to the world of Stikins ®  name labels, you might not know that we run our own school fundraising scheme. Check out our guide below to find out how name labels can help to support your school’s fundraising projects.

Introducing The Stikins ® Labels School Fundraising Scheme

We’ve been running a school fundraising scheme since 2004. Here’s how it works:

Schools (and other children’s organisations) earn commission on sales of Stikins ® name labels. We pay out commission once a year in November.

To track commission, we give our school fundraisers a fundraising number. The school receives commission on every order we receive where a customer quotes that number. Parents order directly from us and we deliver their name labels to their chosen delivery address.

All the school has to do is sign up and let parents know about Stikins ® name labels and the fundraising number they need to quote.

We supply free fundraising materials to help schools spread the word. This includes parent leaflets, posters, and free samples.

With our school fundraising scheme, you get a fundraising solution that is:

  • Useful: our scheme helps schools to encourage the practice of labelling school uniform, which reduces the amount of lost property in school.
  • Rewarding: we offer 30% commission, which is paid out once a year.
  • Easy: all the school has to do is sign up to access year-round fundraising along with our free fundraising materials.
  • Free: there’s no sign up fee or ongoing costs required to participate. All of our fundraising materials are free and available for schools to request as and when they are needed.

Find Out More About School Fundraising

To find out more, you can visit the School Fundraising section of our website. We’ve also created a School Fundraising Guide that explains more about the scheme and how it works. Visit our Request Form to request a free physical copy or visit our Useful Downloads page to download a free digital copy. You can also use our Request Form to sign up and request your free fundraising materials today!

This includes our amazing Spring Offer, which allows schools to request five free Stikins ® name labels for all of their students. Visit the Request Form now to find out more.

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