Stikins ® - School Uniform Labels - A Helping Hand For Lost Property Departments

Schools: Stikins ® - School Uniform Labels - A Helping Hand For Lost Property Departments

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Stikins ® - School Uniform Labels - A Helping Hand For Lost Property Departments

School Uniforms Labels - No More Lost Property

Whether you’re fighting back a mountain or simply fed up of the box of bits and pieces that you’ve got shoved under a desk in the office, name labels are an excellent way to tackle the problem of lost property.

While losing belongings can be a distressing and frustrating experience for students (and their parents), the school environment is actually a safer place to lose things because it is a closed environment with access to names and contact information for the pupils in attendance – which makes it a simpler task to return items to their owner once they have been handed in to Lost Property.

All the Lost Property department needs to do is read the name labels of items that have been handed in and notify the right teacher to send the child to the office to pick up their belongings (compared with unlabelled items that have to wait in Lost Property until a “Reclaiming” event can be organised and often go unclaimed anyway because there’s simply no way to distinguish one article of uniform or equipment from another – unless, of course, they’ve acquired a unique stain, tear, or break somewhere along the line).

Some schools have actually taken the step of adding name labels to their School Uniform List as a required item, while others encourage parents by adding them as a “Recommended” item. Whether you make name labels a mandatory part of your uniform list or leave it up to parents to decide for themselves, there is no doubt that name labels are an extremely effective way to reduce the amount of time and resources that members of staff waste dealing with lost property.

Plus with Label Planet’s name labels, you also have the opportunity to raise funds for your school while tackling your lost property problem; our commission scheme allows schools to earn commission on every order of name labels placed by parents quoting a unique school code, which they can then put towards any fundraising projects or endeavours they’re looking to support.

You can find out more about our commission scheme on our Information Page; we’ve also got plenty of resources to help you get the best out of your fundraising efforts on the School Section of our site, which you can access by clicking on the purple “School Information” button on the left hand side. Or simply contact our team today!

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