Schools – Have You Requested Your Free Stikins ® School Name Labels Samples Yet?

Schools: Schools – Have You Requested Your Free Stikins ® School Name Labels Samples Yet?

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Schools – Have You Requested Your Free Stikins ® School Name Labels Samples Yet?

This year, we’re offering schools the chance to receive five free Stikins ® school name labels samples for their new intake, with schools who have added a link to their website being eligible to request free samples for the ENTIRE school AND their new intake.

This offer is only available during May and June so time is running out to request your free samples of school name labels (if you haven’t already done so). Don’t worry if you don’t think you have time – it’s extremely quick and simple to request your samples and we get them printed and packed individually so they’re really easy to distribute quickly before the end of term.

How to Request your Samples of School Name Labels

You can request your samples by filling in our simple Online School Request Form or by getting in touch with our Customer Service Team. Simply let us know that you want to request your free samples and then send us an Excel spreadsheet with the names you need printing (please enter the first names in the first column and the surnames in the second column; if you are requesting samples for the whole school you can add the class or year groups in a third column and we’ll make sure your labels are packed into these groups for you).

We will only use this list for the purpose of printing your samples; as soon as your school name labels have been printed, the list will be completely deleted from our systems.

If your school is unable to release pupils’ names due to your school’s data or privacy policy, simply let us know how many samples you need and we’ll create a set of free sample school name labels that are printed with the school name only.

Sending out these samples is a wonderfully easy way to show parents exactly how easy it is to get into the habit of using school name labels and how well they work when it comes to making sure that all of their children’s belongings make it home safe and sound – which reduces the amount of time and resources you have to waste on Lost Property and allows parents to avoid having to pay to replace items that are probably only a few months (or days!) old.

Get in Touch with our Team for School Name Labels

To request your free sample of school name labels, please visit our School Request page or contact our Customer Service Team by phone or email.

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