Perfect Fundraising Opportunity For Schools, PTAs & Activity Groups

Schools: Perfect Fundraising Opportunity For Schools, PTAs & Activity Groups

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Perfect Fundraising Opportunity For Schools, PTAs & Activity Groups

Name labels are a wonderful solution for schools and activity groups who want to put an end to their Lost Property problems by making sure everyone’s property (which is usually similar if not identical to everyone else’s property) is clearly labelled with their name. Name labels help to make sure that everyone picks up their own stuff (instead of someone else’s) and make it much easier to return items if things should happen to go missing.

With Label Planet, however, name labels also become an opportunity for schools, PTAs, nurseries, and activity groups (such as Guiding and Scouting groups or sports clubs) to raise money that they can put towards the fundraising projects of their choice.

Since 2004, we’ve been running a commission scheme that allows schools and groups to earn commission on orders of name labels placed by the parents or guardians of children who attend that school or group. We’ve set up our scheme to be as efficient as possible with minimum input required from the school or group, so once you’ve signed up you get access to year round fundraising that doesn’t take up swathes of important resources (including money and staff time).

Reasons To Join The Label Planet Name Labels Commission Scheme

  • Raise money for your school or group while simultaneously encouraging parents to use name label products that can put an end to your Lost Property problem.
  • One step registration for fundraising that runs all year round.
  • No initial or ongoing costs required to participate.
  • Parents deal with us directly, so you don’t have to be involved with the delivery of orders and customer support.
  • We keep track of your commission for you and automatically send out commission cheques once a year in October.
  • We also supply you with free resources and support to help you boost the commission that you earn each year.

How The Label Planet Commission Scheme Works

  • We assign your school or group with a unique code; any name label order we receive where that number is quoted will be added to your earnings for the current commission year (which runs from 1st October to 30th September).
  • We keep track of your commission earnings throughout the year and automatically send out a cheque in October.
    You can also keep an eye on how much commission you’ve earned by visiting our School Portal throughout the year.
  • We offer a BASIC RATE of 15% commission to all of our partners; this rate can be boosted to 30% commission by placing a link on your website.

Get Access To Free Resources & Support When You Join The Label Planet Name Labels Commission Scheme

As the old saying goes, you get back what you put in – and we’ve found this to be very true when it comes to the time and effort that groups put in to our commission scheme.

You CAN simply register to become a member of our commission scheme and then leave it to run in the background; however, we find that the schools and groups who receive the biggest cheques each year are those who take a little bit of time to do a few small things that end up making a big difference.

These small things needn’t take up much time and won’t cost you a penny; we provide a number of resources completely free of charge to help you raise awareness of the commission scheme and so boost the number of orders that are placed with your unique code. As a starting point we recommend:

  • Putting someone in charge: just having someone who will take a little time every now and then to promote the scheme can make a big difference to the interest you get back from parents.
  • Getting organised: make a list of what you want to do to promote the scheme along with a note of when each thing needs doing and by whom.
  • Putting a link on your website: not only will this boost your commission rate to 30% but it helps parents get to the website quickly and easily, provides a reminder of the code that parents need to quote (and can even automatically enter the code so even if a parent forgets to do it their order will still count towards your commission total), and can be a brilliant opportunity to promote the fundraising projects you’re working on to boost interest and support.
    We’ve put together a page that explains how to add a link to your website, which also includes a form for you to use when you’ve added a link to let us know that you want your 30%!
  • Requesting free parent leaflets: these leaflets are a perfect way to inform parents about name labels and the fundraising opportunity they provide; they include information about our products, how to order, an order form (for parents who prefer to order by post), space for your unique code, and list all of our contact details so parents can get in touch with any questions they might have. We’re happy to send out as many leaflets as you need – whether that’s a handful for a single class or group or leaflets for an entire school.

Use our online Leaflets Request form or contact our Customer Service team to request your leaflets.

  • Using our free resources to raise awareness: we’ve used our experience of running a commission scheme to create a whole range of resources to help you boost your commission totals including:
    A Fundraising Guide, Information Pack, PowerPoint Presentation, Sample Text For Letters/Emails To Parents, Notice Board Poster, and a Booster Plan.

If you’re interesting in joining our commission scheme please visit our website or contact our Customer Service team to:

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