Put An End To Your Mountain Of Lost Property With School Name Labels From Label Planet

Schools: Put An End To Your Mountain Of Lost Property With School Name Labels From Label Planet

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Put An End To Your Mountain Of Lost Property With School Name Labels From Label Planet


One of the most common comments we receive from schools is how happy they are that they have less Lost Property to deal with once parents start using school name labels products.

While having to pay to replace lost items is a sore point for any parent (who most likely only purchased those items recently), Lost Property is a far bigger problem for schools, who have to waste time and resources dealing with the mountain of items that get lost around the school grounds. From finding a place to stash all those items to taking the time to put together “Lost Property Events” to (hopefully) reunite some items with their owners, dealing with Lost Property means teachers and members of staff are forced to waste precious time dealing with the fallout of an entirely preventable problem (instead of getting on with more important things). The entire process is made more problematic by the fact that most school uniform and equipment is entirely similar, if not identical, in appearance, which often means that children are reluctant to take items home from Lost Property on the off-chance that they’re actually taking somebody else’s stuff.

Customer Choice for School Name Labels

School name labels are a quick and simple solution to this problem and here at Label Planet we provide parents with TWO different school name label products to help them get ALL of their children’s belongings safely and securely labelled. Stikins ® are stick on school name labels that are extremely quick and easy to apply and can be used to label pretty much ANY item of school uniform or equipment, while our Trons ® name transfers create a completely permanent school name labels on any fabric item.

Whether your school considers school name labels to be a “recommended” or a “required” part of pupils’ school equipment, encouraging parents to use name labels is an easy way to cut down on the time and resources you waste dealing with Lost Property. At Label Planet, we also offer schools the chance to earn commission on orders of name labels placed by parents, with those funds being available for you to put towards any ongoing fundraising projects the school is pursuing. As part of this commission scheme, we also provide schools with free materials to distribute to parents, to help boost the number of parents who make the decision to use school name labels (and so boost the number of children who arrive at school with all of their stuff labelled).

Get in Touch for more information about our School Name Labels

You can find out more about our school name label products by visiting our Stikins ® Information Page, or take a look through our Fundraising Pages to find out more about how our Fundraising Scheme works (or to sign up!).

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