Earn Commission For Your School/Nursery/Activity Group With Name Labels

Schools: Earn Commission For Your School/Nursery/Activity Group With Name Labels

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Earn Commission For Your School/Nursery/Activity Group With Name Labels

We run a commission scheme that allows organisations to earn commission on sales of name labels placed by customers who have an affiliation with that organisation. While most of our affiliate partners are schools, we also have a number of nurseries and activity groups (including sporting groups, activity clubs, and various members of the Scout and Guide movements) who have signed up with us.

Name labels are a quick and easy way to label clothing and items to prevent these belongings from going missing. The organisations who sign up with us tend to have a large number of attendees or members who spend time in shared spaces, where it is easy for items to get mixed up or go missing. For example, schools are busy, hectic environments in which hundreds of children share the same classrooms, halls, and corridors and will each be armed with a very similar (if not identical) set of uniform(s) and equipment that they have to move from place to place (as well as between school and home). Likewise, activity groups will likely use similar or identical equipment during their meetings or events, while groups such as Scouts and Guides will require their members to wear the same uniform and – when events such as camping trips are organised – they will often have the same equipment with them as well.

Our commission scheme allows these groups to promote name labels to their pupils or members (or, perhaps more accurately, the parents of their pupils or members) to help prevent issues of Lost Property AND to earn commission on sales of those name labels, which they can then put towards ongoing fundraising projects or funds for future trips and/or events.

We’ve designed our commission scheme to be as simple as possible, with one step registration that results in year round fundraising and requires minimal input (with no initial or ongoing costs). With our scheme, it’s entirely up the school, nursery, or group to decide how much time they want to spend promoting the fundraising opportunity we offer.

Here’s a basic guide to how it works:

– You register your school (PTA)/group and we assign you a unique code.
– You let parents know about the scheme and give them the code they need to quote when they order.
– EVERY order we receive where that code is quoted will earn commission for your school or group.
– We keep track of your commission total and send out a cheque once a year in October.
And that’s pretty much it.

Parents can order from our website, by phone, or by post any time throughout the year; we despatch all orders within three working days (same day in June, July, and August) directly to parents – all you need to do is make sure they know your code to earn commission for your school or group.

Our basic rate of commission is 15%, but you can boost this to 30% by putting a link on your website. This is simple to do and you can explain a bit about the scheme AND include the code that parents need to use – you can also create a link that will automatically enter your code when parents order so the order will always count towards your commission total even if parents forget to add the number. We have a page on our website that explains how to add a link AND includes a Link Registration form so you can let us know that you’ve added a link and you want your 30%!

We also provide a number of free resources to help you promote the scheme and your unique code with minimal effort and fuss, including:

– Fundraising Guide: this explains how the scheme works and has a number of helpful tips to get you up and running.
– Commission Booster Plan: based on our experience of running a commission scheme, this plan provides you with a shortlist of things you can do to boost the amount you earn for your fundraising efforts.
– Parent Leaflets: free leaflets that you can distribute to parents to promote the scheme AND your unique code.
– Example Parent Letters: sending out a letter with the leaflets is a really easy way to explain a bit more about the scheme, about the fundraising projects you are hoping to earn money towards, and to engage parents more efficiently. We’ve set up a few examples to give you a bit of inspiration and get you started.
– Notice Board Poster: free posters that you can put up around the school or the space where you hold meetings.
– PowerPoint Presentation: if you need to bring the commission scheme to the attention of a PTA or Board before you can register, then this presentation is a great source of information about how everything works.

To find out more or to register as a commission partner, simply visit our website and click on the purple “Schools Information” button to access all of our commission scheme resources. Contact us for more details!

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