Banish The Lost Property Box For Good With Stikins ® School Labels

Schools: Banish The Lost Property Box For Good With Stikins ® School Labels

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Banish The Lost Property Box For Good With Stikins ® School Labels

We often receive delighted messages from schools who have been astonished to see how quickly their lost property boxes have emptied out when parents start using school name labels. So why not join in and see if we can make lost property boxes a thing of the past!

How Do School Labels Help Reduce Lost Property?

Schools are busy places full of kids carting round similar (if not identical) belongings – from classrooms to cloakrooms to changing rooms and back – making it all too easy for belongings to get mixed up or to go missing altogether.

While the lost property box should be a simple answer to the conundrum of returning school kit, it’s often (as we all know) more complicated than that. Kids are often reluctant to claim items from lost property for all sorts of reasons and it’s even harder if items aren’t labelled at all. Schools spend a great deal of time and resources setting up lost property boxes – as well as lost property events – in the hope of returning items but often find that their efforts go unrewarded.

This is where school name labels come in.

Adding your child’s name to their belongings makes it easy to return those items – before they ever reach the lost property box. If, however, an item does find its way to lost property, a name label makes it clear to whom that item belongs – making it simple for the school to return OR for your child to reclaim their belongings.

So How Do Stikins ® School Labels Help Reduce Lost Property?

Our name labels are extremely effective at reducing lost property for two reasons…

REASON ONE: they’re REALLY easy to use!
Stikins ® school labels simply stick on and stay on. Absolutely no sewing or ironing required. Simply stick each label firmly onto an item and you’re done!

REASON TWO: they can be used to label pretty much anything and everything!
While other school name labels might only be able to label one bit of school kit (e.g. shoe labels for shoes, name tapes for school uniform etc), Stikins ® labels can label pretty much everything. Stick your school labels onto the wash-care label of fabric items (like school uniform and P.E. kit) and they’ll stay put even after repeat trips through the washing machine. Likewise, stick your school labels directly onto other belongings to keep them safe!

Please note: the only items that our labels do struggle with are fabric items without wash-care labels – like socks.

Other Ways Stikins ® School Labels Can Help Out At School

In addition to reducing lost property (and the time that staff and students waste tracking down or reuniting lost property), we also offer schools and PTAs the chance to earn commission, which they can put towards their ongoing fundraising projects. Our school fundraising scheme (like our name labels) is really simple. It's also completely free! Simply sign up online and we’ll allocate your school with a unique fundraising number. Every order we receive where that number is quoted will earn commission for the school. Parents order directly from us and we keep track of your commission earnings – which we pay out once a year. We even supply free fundraising materials to help you promote the scheme to parents.

Find out more by visiting our School Fundraising pages or request an information pack using our Sign Up & Requests Form.

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