Stikins ® Labels Take Care Of Personal Belongings In Care Homes

Residential Care Homes: Stikins ® Labels Take Care Of Personal Belongings In Care Homes

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Stikins ® Labels Take Care Of Personal Belongings In Care Homes

While Stikins ® name labels are a great way to label school kit, they are also a brilliant way to label residents' belongings in nursing and residential care homes. Stick on name labels are a simple way to keep track of personal items, bringing extra peace of mind to residents and their families.

Stick On Name Labels That Look After Residents’ Belongings

Nursing and residential care homes rely on shared spaces and facilities to look after their residents. These shared places are necessary but come with a higher risk of lost property. Personal belongings can get left behind in shared lounges or activity rooms and forgotten about. Clothing and bedding can mixed up in the laundry room. In any case, lost items can cause significant distress to residents and their families, as well as members of staff.

Stick on name labels offer a simple solution. Adding a resident’s name to their belongings makes it easy for staff to return items to their owner. Labels can also display room numbers and/or a nickname. This is especially useful when residents are known by a name that differs completely to their birth name. It also helps to avoid confusion if multiple residents have the same given name but different nicknames.

It only takes seconds to apply stick on name labels. You can label all kinds of items with our multipurpose stick on name labels. This includes clothing, bedding, towels, footwear, books, photo albums, medical supplies, pill boxes, walking sticks and frames, glasses cases, etc. With our labels, you can use one pack of labels to get everything labelled up safely and securely.

You should apply your labels onto the wash-care label of fabric items, not directly onto the fabric itself. In shoes, we recommend applying your name labels onto the side wall or beneath the tongue. You should not apply your labels directly below the heel of the foot.

 Order Stikins ® Name Labels For A Nursing Or Residential Care Patient Today

Anyone can order Stikins ® name labels, including residents, friends and family, or nursing and residential care facilities. We offer a choice of four pack sizes, including 30, 60, 90, or 120 name labels. Orders despatch same or next working day and we use Royal Mail’s first class service as standard.

Moving into care can happen suddenly so, if you need your name labels urgently, please contact us to discuss delivery options.

We also offer discounts to facilities that order on behalf of their residents. Facilities can order online, by phone, or by email. We accept payment via debit/credit card (online/phone/email), PayPal account (online), cheque or postal order (email), or bank transfer (email). Find out more about ordering for residents or contact our Customer Service Team.

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