How Name Labels Bring Extra Peace Of Mind In Nursing & Care Homes

Residential Care Homes: How Name Labels Bring Extra Peace Of Mind In Nursing & Care Homes

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How Name Labels Bring Extra Peace Of Mind In Nursing & Care Homes

Nursing and residential care homes rely on shared facilities and spaces; places where personal belongings are easily mixed up or lost altogether. With stick on name labels, however, residents, staff, relatives, and friends can rest assured that these belongings are easy to return to their rightful owner.

How stick on name labels work…

Stick on name labels are pretty much like any other self adhesive label; they have an adhesive that allows them to bond onto other items where they permanently display the owner’s name. We use a super thin vinyl, which is highly flexible and soft against skin when used in clothing. They also have a unique adhesive, which has been specially developed to create and sustain adhesive bonds that can withstand repeat trips through washing machines.

To apply stick on name labels, you simply peel each label off its backing sheet and stick it firmly onto the item you want to label. There’s absolutely no sewing and no ironing required. Best of all, our adhesive works on a wide range of materials and surface types, which means you can use one label product on fabric items (such as clothing, bedding, and towels - where they stick onto the wash-care label), as well as personal belongings, such as books, glasses cases, pill boxes, walking sticks, medical equipment, and footwear.

Stikins ® labels have been independently tested using the BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedure for 60 washes at 40 degrees and are suitable for putting through tumble-dryers, dishwashers, and microwaves. Millions of our name labels are in use across the UK (as school uniform labels / school labels) and are also used by nursing homes and residential care facilities on behalf of their residents.

Our name labels are white in colour and printed with a black font. This is the clearest possible colour contrast and allows anyone to quickly read the personalisation and identify the owner of an item.

How stick on name labels work in nursing & residential care homes…

Moving into a care facility can be a stressful and sudden experience for both the resident themselves and for their friends and family. These residents are often unwell or in recovery, which means they may not be able to keep track of their own belongings. These belongings are often the only personal items that residents are able to keep with them and it can place a huge burden on staff and visitors to make sure that these belongings stay safe – especially in busy shared facilities and spaces in care homes.

Stick on name labels provide a simple and quick way to ensure that items can be returned to their rightful owner every time. They can be personalised with the owner’s name – and their room number – to make it really easy to return items.

Stikins ® name labels are really easy to order and apply. We print and post orders everyday (Mon-Fri, up to 3pm), which means every order is despatched same or next working day. Our standard delivery service uses Royal Mail’s first class service.

We recommend ordering by phone if it is after 3pm so that we can ensure that your name labels are printed and posted same day.

Order for nursing and residential care homes today

You can order anytime through our website or by phone during office hours (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri).

If you are a nursing or residential care home and you would like to order name labels on behalf of your residents, you can order as above OR you can order by email. Simply let us know the names and quantities that you need to order and we’ll issue you with a proforma invoice, which you can pay via cheque, debit/credit card, or BACS payment.

We also offer discounts to nursing homes and residential care facilities who order on behalf of their residents. Please visit our website or contact our Customer Service Team to find out more.  

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