Residential Care Homes & Nursing Homes Name Labels

Residential Care Homes: Residential Care Homes & Nursing Homes Name Labels

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Residential Care Homes & Nursing Homes Name Labels

Care Home Name Labels

Name labels are a small but effective helper if you have a friend or relative who is a resident of or is moving into a nursing or residential care home.

Moving into a home can be a stressful experience, with many residents finding that the familiarity of their belongings is a reassuring and calming factor in a new environment. However, with care homes relying on the use of shared facilities (e.g. shared kitchens and laundries) to provide day to day services for their residents and with residents spending time in communal areas (for example, during mealtimes, when receiving visitors, or when taking part in group activities) it is all too easy for their belongings to be mixed up or to go missing altogether.

The loss of these items (especially personal items that are of significant emotional value) can cause great stress to residents (and their friends and family) and members of staff – who will also end up wasting valuable time trying to reunite items with their rightful owners or trying to locate items that have gone missing; time that would be much better spent looking after the residents themselves, instead of their belongings.

A name label is a simple and effective way to prevent items from going missing or from getting mixed up. We provide two types of name labels that can be used to label the belongings of residents staying in care homes:

STIKINS ® name labels are made with a flexible vinyl that is extremely smooth to the touch (so it won’t cause irritation when applied inside clothing); they can be applied to the wash care label of clothing, bedding, and other fabric items (and will go through both washing machines AND tumble driers), and can also be stuck directly onto personal items that are of significant value to their owner.

TRONS ® name transfers are an iron on name transfer that fuses and bonds with materials to create a completely permanent name label on any fabric item.

Most customers request name labels with their relative or friend’s name on, but you can also request labels with additional information, such as their room number (to make it easier to return their items), allergy or medical information (to act as an additional medical alert), or even a simple message such as “Property Of” or “Please Return To”.

While residents or their friends and family can order name labels from us themselves, we are also happy to accept direct orders from nursing homes and residential care facilities – we also offer a 10% discount to care homes who order name labels from us on behalf of their residents. Contact us for more information!

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