Save Money & Time With Stikins ® Name Labels

Product Information: Save Money & Time With Stikins ® Name Labels

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Save Money & Time With Stikins ® Name Labels

Saving Your Summer With Multipurpose Stikins ® Name Labels

Our Stikins ® name labels are a brilliantly useful back to school extra that can quickly and easily get all of your children’s belongings safely and securely labelled – so you don’t end up wasting time and money replacing items that are only a few weeks old.

Flexible and Versatile Name Labels

These super flexible labels are made with incredibly advanced materials, which allow them to adhere to all kinds of personal items – as well as gripping firmly onto the wash-care label of fabric items, such as school uniform and P.E. kits. This means that you only have to buy the one name label product to label up pretty much everything your children will need (or want) to take to school with them.

A lot of name label products are designed specifically for one (or two) things only, which means you end up paying for multiple packs of labels so that you have some for school uniform, some for shoes, some for lunch boxes and water bottles, and so on – which we think is a rather complicated way of doing things!

Stikins ® were designed with busy parents in mind and we’ve tried to make them as quick and simple to order AND use as possible. These name labels simply peel off their backing sheet and stick onto the wash-care label of clothes or directly onto the (hundreds and thousands of) personal items that your children take to school with them – so they only take a moment to apply, which leaves you free to get on with more important (and fun!) things this summer.

Our name labels are supplied in four pack sizes:
N30 – 30 Stikins ® name labels – £6.00
N60 – 60 Stikins ® name labels – £8.50
N90 – 90 Stikins ® name labels – £10.50
N120 – 120 Stikins ® name labels – £12.50

This summer, we’re also offering two special MIXED PACKS, which contain both Stikins ® AND our silver name labels (which can be used to add a more decorative name label to your children’s personal belongings, lunch boxes and water bottles, and all those essential extras that they need for school).

Choose between:
M120 – 60 Stikins ® name labels & 60 silver name labels – £10.50
M240 – 120 Stikins ® name labels & 120 silver name labels – £18.50

All prices are inclusive of VAT and standard UK delivery (Royal Mail’s first class service).

Our name labels also have a bonus quality, which allows them to survive all year round. Many name label products are made with print that is NOT resistant to the ingredients used in sun creams and lotions but, here at Label Planet, we have sourced an advanced ink that IS resistant to these products, which means that your name labels will remain clear and legible all year long!

Contact Stikins For Name Labels

You can find out more about our multipurpose Stikins ® name labels on our Information Page; alternatively, visit our Stikins ® Product Page to place your order today! Get in touch with one of our team today for helpful and friendly advice.

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