Need A Name Label For EVERYTHING On Your School Shopping List? Try Stikins ®: Name Labels That Stick On & Stay On!

Product Information: Need A Name Label For EVERYTHING On Your School Shopping List? Try Stikins ®: Name Labels That Stick On & Stay On!

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These days, parents often find that the list of “Essential Items” provided by their children’s school extends far beyond the traditional school uniform list.

In additional to an extensive list of everyday uniform, parents will have to buy sets of P.E. kit and equipment along with specialist equipment for individual subjects, such as mathematical sets for maths, scientific sets and equipment, craft materials for art classes, and appropriate clothing for Dance and Drama. On top of all that, there’s additional “stuff” like lunch boxes, water bottles, bags, brand new stationery kits because the bits you bought last year have either “disappeared” or have gone out of style, and, of course, the other “essentials” that your child insists are absolute must haves.

This can provide a problem for traditional and non-traditional name labels alike; for example, those traditional woven labels that have been used by generation after generation aren’t much use unless you’re labelling fabric items, iron-on labels and clip-on tags have the same problems, while name label “stamps” may struggle to work across a range of surfaces and materials.

Stikins ® Name Labels and Trons ® Name Transfers

Stikins ® name labels, however, are designed to stick on and stay on; they are made with a soft, pliable vinyl and a highly advanced, specially developed adhesive that is designed to create a strong, permanent bond that will survive the rigours of daily life AND repeat trips through washing machines, tumble driers, dish washers, and microwaves. Stikins ® were developed with parents in mind and are designed to make labelling school uniform, equipment, AND personal items as quick and simple as possible. These labels simply peel off their backing sheet like any other label and can be applied onto the wash care label of any item of clothing or fabric item, or directly onto all kinds of personal items.

This makes Stikins ® the perfect partner for any school shopping list; if you need a name label that will keep all of your child’s things safe then this multipurpose name label is an ideal solution.

In fact, the only item on your list that might prove a problem is socks – but, if you really need to label your child’s socks, you can always buy a pack of our Trons ® name transfers, which create a fully permanent name label on any fabric item!

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