How Stikins ® Name Labels Help You Keep A Bigger Slice Of The Pi(e)

Product Information: How Stikins ® Name Labels Help You Keep A Bigger Slice Of The Pi(e)

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How Stikins ® Name Labels Help You Keep A Bigger Slice Of The Pi(e)

Today is Pi Approximation Day or Casual Pi Day. So we thought we’d use today’s blog post to explore all of the ways that Stikins ® name labels help parents to keep a bigger slice of the pi(e) when it comes to saving money on school supplies.

This Casual Pi(e) Day, Find Out How Name Labels Can Actually Reduce Your Back To School Spending

While you’ve probably heard of pi (and pie), you may not have heard of Pi Approximation Day. An approximation is something that is intentionally similar to (but not exactly the same as) something else. So, the approximation of pi is a sum that produces a similar number to pi (or 3.14159…). This sum is 22 divided by 7 – or 22/7, which can also be read as 22nd July aka today’s date!

To celebrate, we’re exploring how Stikins ® labels help parents keep a bigger slice of the pi(e) – at least when it comes to buying school kit.

School supplies are an expensive fact of life and cover much more than basic school uniform. This summer, parents will also be buying P.E. kits, shoes, bags, coats, books, stationery, and other subject-based essentials.

While efforts are being made to reduce the cost of school supplies – including government guidelines and donation schemes – the average cost for school supplies is over £200 for primary school and over £300 for secondary school.

It is hardly surprising, therefore, that some parents are reluctant to add to their expenses by purchasing name labels.

Sadly, another (equally expensive) fact of life is that kids lose stuff at school. For many parents, back to school costs keep adding up even after their kids are actually back in school – as items go missing and need to be replaced.

Fortunately, while school environments make it easy for items to go missing (as places where similar, if not identical, supplies get carted between busy shared spaces), they also make it easy for items to be returned – as long as they are labelled!

Instead of being an extra cost, many parents find that name labels can save them money by making sure that they only pay for back to school supplies once.

How Stikins ® Name Labels Help Parents Save A Bigger Slice Of The Pi(e)

Stikins ® name labels were designed to make life easier by taking the hassle out of labelling school supplies. They’re also pretty good at helping parents save money because…

  • Stikins ® labels are stick on name labels. Unlike other name label products, Stikins work on fabric AND non-fabric items. This means parents can label everything with one product instead of spending more on different labels for different items.
  • Stikins ® labels are bright white labels with a bold black font. This colour contrast makes our labels super easy to read – increasing the chances of items being returned.
  • We offer four pack sizes of 30, 60, 90, or 120 name labels. Our larger packs offer great value for money. They have a lower cost per label, allow parents to label more items, and provide a handy stash for future use.
  • We use inclusive pricing. Our prices cover both VAT and delivery so you pay what you see.
  • We offer a 10% discount on every order for three or more packs. These packs can be the same, all different, or a mixture. If you don’t need three packs yourself, order along with family and friends.
  • It's easy to create packs for sharing. Common requests include:
    • A surname only (e.g. Surname).
    • An initial and surname (e.g. A Surname).
    • A blank line and a surname – so you can add the name you need with a suitable laundry pen.
    • Requesting one name per line so the labels can be cut in half.
    • Requesting two names and sharing (e.g. “Name 1 & Name 2” on line 1 and “Surname” on line 2).

You can order online at any time or order by phone during office hours (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday).

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