Label Everything Before School Starts With Our Multipurpose Name Labels

Product Information: Label Everything Before School Starts With Our Multipurpose Name Labels

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Label Everything Before School Starts With Our Multipurpose Name Labels

The summer holidays are coming to an end, which means it’s high time to get your back-to-school preparations sorted. With Stikins ® multipurpose name labels, you can get all your kids’ school kit labelled in seconds.

Back To School Is Simpler With Multipurpose Name Labels

The back to school rush is not much fun and no parent would choose to spend their time labelling school kit. So, why not try Stikins ® name labels, which make the job twice as easy.

First, they are stick on name labels, which use an adhesive to stay in place. They can be applied in seconds, which means you don't have to spend long hours sewing or ironing in name tapes.

Secondly, they are multipurpose name labels. Unlike other name label products, which can only be used on specific items (like clothes labels, shoe labels etc), Stikins ® labels can be used on all school items. This means you don’t have to buy and use different name labels on different items.

Instead, you can use one product to label your mountain of school essentials in seconds. That includes school uniform, P.E. kit, books, stationery, lunch boxes, water bottles, bags, shoes, and all the other essentials.

How To Label School Kit With Multipurpose Stick On Name Labels

Stikins ® name labels are super easy to apply. Simply make sure your item is clean and dry. Carefully peel a label off its backing sheet and stick firmly onto your item. Use your thumb or finger to firmly smooth down the whole label to ensure the best adhesive bond. Job done!

When labelling clothing and fabric items, you should apply your labels onto the wash-care label.

We are not able to test all of the different fabrics used to make clothing. However, we have tested our labels on wash-care labels, which means we can guarantee that they will stay stuck on these labels.

When labelling shoes, you should apply your labels onto the side wall or beneath the tongue.

Essentially, you should avoid sticking your name labels onto the floor of shoes where they sit directly below the heel. Over time, the friction created during movement will cause the print to wear away.

When labelling other items apply your labels wherever you please!

Please note: we do not recommend using Stikins ® labels on socks. Socks do not have wash-care labels or any stable surface area for our labels to bond with strongly. They may stay put for a while but will likely start to peel away over time.

Order Your Multipurpose Back To School Labels Today!

You can order online (anytime) or by phone (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri). Delivery is free and we use Royal Mail's first class service as standard. All orders despatch on the same or next working day.

You can choose between four pack sizes of 30, 60, 90, or 120 name labels. We also offer a 10% discount on any order that contains three or more packs. These packs can be all the same, all different, or any mixture you like. If you don’t need three packs yourself, we are happy for family and friends to club together to place an order that qualifies.

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