Little Ways That Name Labels Can Help To Make A Big Difference

Product Information: Little Ways That Name Labels Can Help To Make A Big Difference

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Little Ways That Name Labels Can Help To Make A Big Difference

Today is Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning and here at Stikins ® name labels, we hope you've all had a wonderful time, plenty of visitors, and enjoyed an exceedingly large amount of cake and coffee (and all in the name of raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support!).

Little Extras From Stikins ® Name Labels That Can Help To Make A Big Difference

Our name labels were designed to make the job of labelling school uniform a quick and simple one because busy families should be able to spend their time doing more important (and fun) things. Over the years, we’ve introduced a variety of new products and services. Each has been designed to be easy to use, so our customers get the most out of our products and services, while saving time and money for the more important things in life.

Here's just a few of the small ways our name labels can help make a big difference…

Residential Care Home Name Labels / Nursing Home Name Labels

Our name labels are often used to label belongings of individuals who are moving into residential or nursing care facilities. Care homes rely on shared facilities and communal spaces, making it easier for items to be mixed up or lost. This can cause great distress to residents (and their families) and leads to unnecessary work for staff.

Adding name labels to clothing, bedding, and personal items makes it easy to return these items to their rightful owner. Stikins ® labels are quick and simple to apply, which means items can be labelled by family, staff, or residents. They can be printed with a name only, although many choose to include a room number as well.

Our name labels are used in care facilities across the country. They have been independently tested to ensure they will remain stuck even after repeat cycles through washing machines and tumble-dryers, as well as dishwashers and microwaves.

We offer discounts to residential care homes and nursing homes who order on behalf of residents. Contact our Customer Service Team or visit our Nursing Home Name Labels page to find out more.

Medical Alert / Allergy Name Labels

Stikins ® labels are also a simple way to create additional medical alerts and allergy alerts. You can add medical or allergy information and label food containers and/or medical supplies. Your name labels can then act as an alert in the event of an emergency situation. This is ideal if a child or individual needs to store food or medical supplies in a shared environment OR if a child or individual is going to be in an environment where there may not be an individual with them who is aware of their condition or allergy.

If you need to list a lot of allergies or medical information, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team to discuss the best way to add your required text. We can manually create 3 or 4 line layouts to accomodate larger amounts of text. This will ensure that all of your information fits neatly (and more importantly legibly) onto your name labels.

School Fundraising With Name Labels

In 2004, we launched a school fundraising scheme to help schools and PTAs raise money by earning commission on sales of name labels. Over the years we’ve worked with our school fundraisers to revise and adapt our scheme to ensure that continues to provide rewarding, easy, and useful fundraising – for free!

There is no sign up fee or ongoing costs required to participate. We provide free resources to raise awareness of the scheme, including parent leaflets, school posters, and free samples for new starters.

Our scheme offers simple school fundraising. Sign up and we allocate your school or PTA with a unique fundraising number. We will award commission for every order we receive where that number is quoted. Adding a link to your school or PTA website to our website makes it easier for parents to order (and autofills your fundraising number to ensure that every order counts!). We keep track of your commission earnings and send you a cheque once a year in November.

Request extra fundraising resources at any time and keep an eye on your totals with our online Fundraising Account.

Simple & Easy To Use Name Labels For Busy Families

Perhaps the biggest way that our name labels make a difference is simply by being easy to use. With one pack of Stikins ® name labels, you can label clothing, shoes, bags, and personal items. Our name labels have a unique adhesive, which means they really do just stick on and stay on. Simply peel each label off its backing sheet and stick it down firmly onto each item – that’s it. Apply Stikins ® labels onto the wash-care label of clothing and fabric items. In shoes, stick them onto the side wall or beneath the tongue.

You can label school uniform, equipment, and all those other “essentials” in minutes. There's absolutely no sewing and no ironing required. We print and post name labels everyday (Mon-Fri, up to 3pm). This means we despatch all orders on the same or next working day.

We pack each set of name labels in a bag printed with instructions for use. Our Customer Service Team is on hand to help with any questions or queries that you might have. Our name labels are plain white and printed with a black font so they’re really easy to read. They measure 30mm wide by 15mm high, which means they fit neatly and discretely onto items of all shapes and sizes.

Order Stikins ® Name Labels Today

You can order name labels in all kinds of ways. Go online to at any time of the day (or week or month or year!). Give us a call on 01270 668076 during office hours (9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday).

To order on behalf of a nursing home or residential care facility, call our Customer Service Team or send us an email with the details of the packs you'd like to order. We'll issue a Proforma Invoice (including your discount) against which you can make payment by credit/debit card or bank transfer.

Find out more about how Stikins ® name labels work, visit our School Fundraising home page to learn more about the Stikins ® labels school fundraising scheme, or head on over to our Nursing Home Name Labels page for more tips and information on using name labels in care facility settings.

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