Check If You Need To Order More Name Labels Over Half Term

Product Information: Check If You Need To Order More Name Labels Over Half Term

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Check If You Need To Order More Name Labels Over Half Term

Summer is over, Christmas is on the horizon, and Halloween is just around the corner. So, in the (relative) peace of the half term holidays, why not take a moment to see if you need to order some more name labels!

How Stikins ® Name Labels Make Sure Your Kids’ Kit Doesn’t Turn Into Lost Property

Back to school means a mountain of school kit to find, buy, and (hopefully) apply some name labels to – before all of that brand new kit is sent off to run the school gauntlet. Hopefully, your kids’ kit has survived the first half term of the year but there are plenty of reasons why you might need a few extra name labels for the next half term:

  • You’ve found items that went unlabelled in the back to school rush.
  • Your child has outgrown their kit already!
  • You’ve got a brand new list of required kit to label.
  • Your child has day trips or a residential stay coming up.
  • You’ve labelled everything but want a few extras on hand for last minute emergencies!
  • You couldn’t find the right labelling product for you – and your unlabelled items have gone astray.

This is where Stikins ® name labels come to the rescue!

Our stick on name labels take seconds to apply. They are made with a unique adhesive that creates strong bonds with a range of materials and surface types. This means you can use the same name label on fabric and non-fabric items. This includes clothing, uniform, P.E. kit and sportswear, casual clothes, lunch boxes and water bottles, personal devices, stationery, and all kinds of kit. We print and post orders on the same or next working day; delivery is free and uses Royal Mail’s first class service.

Our name labels make it simple to get everything safely and securely labelled. So you can rest assured that your kids’ kit will stay out of the Lost Property box for the rest of the school year (and beyond!).

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