Autumn Starts Here & We’ve Got Name Labels For All Your (Winter) Gear!

Product Information: Autumn Starts Here & We’ve Got Name Labels For All Your (Winter) Gear!

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Autumn Starts Here & We’ve Got Name Labels For All Your (Winter) Gear!

Tonight, at 21:02, the Autumn Equinox will take place, traditionally signalling the transition from summer to autumn. “Equinox” comes from the Latin word “aequinoctium”, which is made up of “aequus” (meaning equal) and “nox” (from “noctis” meaning night) – there are TWO equinoxes each year, which mark the moments at which the sun is directly above the equator making night and day (roughly) equal in length.

The two equinoxes occur each year in March and September and they are known by a variety of names including:

  • The vernal equinox and autumnal equinox (the Latin words for spring and autumn)
  • The March equinox and September equinox (indicating the months during which the equinoxes take place)
  • The northward equinox and southward equinox (indicating the direction of the sun’s movement across the equatorial line – in March this is south to north and in September it is north to south)
  • The First Point Of Aries and the First Point Of Libra (derived from the constellations that the sun appears to be in front of at the moment of the equinox – confusingly, due to the very gradual change in the orientation of Earth’s axis of rotation (the line from the north pole to the south pole) these constellations are actually currently Pisces and Virgo).

The autumn equinox has traditionally been used as a symbol of the change from summer to autumn (in the northern hemisphere; in the southern hemisphere it marks the passage from winter to spring) and is often used as a traditional time for harvest festivals around the world.

Name Labels Inspired by the Seasons…

Given that today marks a change in season, we thought we’d take a look at how the four seasons fair amongst our customers as names with a seasonal flavour! Autumn is actually the second most popular season amongst Stikins ® labels customers with Summer being the most popular and Winter taking third place – sadly, none of our customers (so far) have requested name labels printed with Spring.

With the shift into autumn, children across the country will be settling into the first term of the school year and gathering an ever impressive array of paraphernalia to carry around with them – including winter warmers, once the weather takes another cooler turn. Our Stikins ® name labels can be used to label all kinds of clothing and personal items, including hats and gloves, coats and scarves, and shoes for the autumn and winter months.

Order Personalised Name LabelsToday

While the back to school rush might well be firmly over, we’ll be continuing our daily production runs so you can rest assured that your name labels will be made and despatched same day (up to 3pm) or next day. You can also request a special next day delivery service by phone if you need to receive your name labels before an upcoming event, such as a residential trip or holiday.

You can order name labels online using our handy online form or you can order by phone.

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