Name Labels! What Are They Good For? Absolutely Everything! (Nearly)

Product Information: Name Labels! What Are They Good For? Absolutely Everything! (Nearly)

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Name Labels! What Are They Good For? Absolutely Everything! (Nearly)

Name labels are a very versatile product, which can be used to label all sorts of things in all sorts of situations and environments – in fact, the number of ways you can use them and the number of things you can label with them is often only limited by what you can come up with! So here’s a short guide to the WHO, WHAT, and WHERE of name labels. Contact us for more information!


STIKINS ®: these labels simply peel off their backing sheet and stick down like any other kind of label, which means they can be applied by pretty much anyone. We would recommend, however, that you don’t allow very young children to handle these labels and that you do supervise children to make sure that they’re sticking the labels down properly (and not simply plastering the walls!).

TRONS ®: these labels are iron-on transfers, which means they require the use of a hot iron, a firm hand, and plenty of patience to follow the application process correctly. As such, children should not be allowed to apply these labels (and some adults might require supervision as well!).


STIKINS ®: these name labels are made from a super flexible vinyl and a super strong adhesive, which allows them to be applied to all kinds of items and surfaces. When applying these labels to garments and fabric items, they should be applied to the wash care label. While they MAY stick perfectly well if applied directly onto the material of an item, there is so much variation in the fabrics used to make clothing and other items that it would be impossible to test (and list) all of the combinations that our Stikins ® will (and will not) work on. However, they have been fully tested on wash care labels, which means that we can say that they will work properly when applied to the wash care label.

Stikins ® can also be used to label a myriad of personal items, including lunch boxes and water bottles, books and bags, P.E. kit and school equipment, and shoes (where they should be applied to the side of the shoe or the tongue – you should NEVER apply them beneath the heel as the print will disintegrate rapidly due to the friction generated during movement).

It should be noted that Stikins ® are not great at sticking to socks; socks tend not to have a wash care label and, because the fabric stretches around the foot, there isn’t a fixed surface area for the adhesive to adhere to. Over time the label will begin to peel up and will eventually fall off entirely.

TRONS ®: these labels use the same materials and technology as the transfers used in the clothing industry to apply designs to garments; this means that they can ONLY be used to label fabric items, where the transfer can bond and fuse with the item to form a permanent name label that is effectively a part of the item itself.

Name labels work best in busy, shared environments, especially where people are sharing equipment or own items that are extremely similar if not identical in appearance. Adding brief details about the owner of an item (e.g. name and contact information) is a really easy way to make sure that these items are easily distinguishable and can be returned to their rightful owner.

Some examples of places where name labels come in really handy are:


Every school has hundreds of people sharing the same set of rooms and corridors, with each of them carting around sets of uniform, coats and bags, equipment, and personal items – many of which will be identical or very similar in appearance. Lost property is a perpetual problem in schools with staff wasting time and resources throughout the school year trying to collect and return items to their rightful owners, while parents will be endlessly frustrated at the time and money that they have to waste on replacing items – many of which will be less than a year old in the first place.

Schools are the ideal place for name labels; the school KNOWS who attends the school so the simple act of adding a name makes it extremely easy to return items to the correct student (or, of course, to summon that child to the Lost Property department to reclaim their belongings themselves). Many schools now include name labels as a “Recommended” item on their list of School Uniform & Equipment, while some have gone a step further and made it a “Required” item.


While they might not share the hustle and bustle of a school, care homes nevertheless involve taking a group of people and their belongings and putting them into shared spaces (such as activity rooms, dining rooms, communal sitting rooms, gardens etc) and shared facilities (such as kitchens and laundry facilities).

The belongings that residents take with them are often of high sentimental value and it can be extremely distressing if any of these items are lost. Likewise staff will have more important tasks to get on with, instead of spending time trying to sort out which items belong to whom and trying to track down belongings that have gone missing. Name labels make it extremely quick and easy to return items.


Name labels can also prevent problems at home; siblings often own similar (or identical) items, which means that there may be tears and tantrums when one of those items goes missing or there’s a disagreement about which item belongs to which child. Adding a name label is a quick and easy way to put an end to such fights before they’ve even had a chance to begin.


Name labels can be used to assign uniform or equipment to a particular employee or to indicate that those items are the property of a particular department within the business to ensure that the items are returned to the correct place. This can prevent mix ups and prevent companies wasting money on replacing items that have gone missing.

Of course, they can also come in handy if you’re just trying to stop other people taking your lunch out of the fridge, using your favourite mug from home for their coffee break, or if you’ve encountered the pesky problem whereby all of your stationery seems to keep magically disappearing from your desk (and reappearing on someone else’s).

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