It is BTS Time; Time To Get Back To School & Buy Those Stikins!

Product Information: It is BTS Time; Time To Get Back To School & Buy Those Stikins!

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It is BTS Time; Time To Get Back To School & Buy Those Stikins!

Yes, we are officially ringing the Back To School bell, which means it’s time to Buy Those Stikins name labels!

Get Back To School Sorted With Stick On Name Labels from Stikins

The new school term is on its way! With just a month left before the new school year (and just a week or two in hand for Scottish schools), now is the time to get back to school sorted.

Stikins name labels are the perfect partner for any parent’s back to school shopping list. When you've finally purchased all your kids’ essential school kit, the last thing you'll want to do is buy replacements. Adding a name label is a quick and simple way to help your kids to keep hold of their kit. With stick on name labels like Stikins, it’s even quicker and simpler to get stuff labelled.

Stick on name labels are just that – name labels that stick on to your kids’ school kit. So, unlike traditional name labelling products there’s absolutely no sewing or ironing involved – just sticking! With Stikins, you can get EVERYTHING labelled with one pack of labels. Unlike other stick on name labels, Stikins are made with a unique adhesive that sticks to fabric and non-fabric items. So, instead of buying separate labels for uniform and other items, you can get everything labelled with the same labels.

Stikins are bright white labels printed with a bold black font. They measure 30mm wide by 15mm high, which makes them neat and discrete additions to kit of all shapes and sizes. Plus, they’ll survive trips through washing machines, tumble-dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, and the good old kitchen sink.

Buy Those Stikins Name Labels Today!

Stikins are available in packs of 30, 60, 90, or 120 name labels. We offer a 10% discount on any order that contains 3 or more packs. Your packs can be all the same, all different, or any mix that you like! We offer same day despatch when you order by 3pm (Mon-Fri). Orders placed after 3pm or over the weekend despatch on the next working day. Delivery is free and uses Royal Mail’s first class service as standard.

You don’t have to use your Stikins all at once. Provided you store them carefully (in their protective bag away from sources of light and heat), Stikins will retain their original quality for two years. So, they'll be ready and waiting whenever you need to get your kids’ kit labelled.

You can order Stikins anytime online or by phone during office hours (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri).

So, why not Buy Those Stikins today and get your Back To School plans underway!


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