More Than Just Name Labels For School Uniform

Product Information: More Than Just Name Labels For School Uniform

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More Than Just Name Labels For School Uniform

Many parents order name labels just for school uniform but soon find that there’s more stuff to label. Enter Stikins ® labels; school name labels for all school gear.

From shoes and bags, lunch boxes and water bottles, P.E. kits and stationery, books and tablets, and all those other essentials, Stikins ® labels can get all your children’s school stuff safely and securely labelled.

Why Are Stikins ® Labels Suitable For Use As School Name Labels Or School Uniform Labels?

Stikins ® labels are made with a unique adhesive. Our adhesive was designed to ensure that your stick on school labels really will just stick on and stay on. While other name labels are often designed for specific items, Stikins ® labels are a truly multipurpose name labelling solution.

For example, parents often become frustrated at having to purchase separate packs of sew-in name labels or iron-on name tapes for school uniform, along with separate stick on name labels for shoes, lunch boxes, bags, and everything else. One pack of Stikins ® labels gets everything labelled in minutes – with no muss, no fuss, and no sewing or ironing either!

When using Stikins ® labels as school uniform name labels, apply them onto the wash-care label. In shoes, apply them onto the side wall or beneath the tongue. Avoid sticking labels beneath the heel where the print will wear away. Other items can be labelled by sticking your labels directly (and firmly) onto each item.

Independently tested and used by thousands of families across the UK year after year, Stikins ® labels can be put through washing machines, tumble-dryers, dishwashers, microwaves – and even the kitchen sink.

What Items Can I Label With My Stikins ® School Name Labels?

Our name labels work on pretty much anything and everything that your children need (or want) to take to school, including…

  • School Uniform Name Labels: make sure your children always find their own stuff in busy changing rooms / cloakrooms.
  • School Clothing Labels: add labels to sports kit and winter warmers like hats, gloves, and scarves or summer caps.
  • School Bag Name Labels: label school bags, book bags, and kit bags to make sure that everything arrives back home.
  • School Shoe Name Labels: stick labels into all of your children’s footwear – including trainers, boots, and the obligatory plimsols/pumps.
  • School Equipment Name Labels: make sure all of those (expensive) extras also make it home, including books, stationery kits, and equipment for activities such as sports, drama, music, and art.

In fact, the only school items that Stikins ® labels don’t work well with is items of clothing like socks. This is because socks don’t have wash-care labels and their stretchy surface means there isn’t a suitable surface with which to create – and maintain – an adhesive bond. You CAN apply Stikins ® labels onto socks – some of our customers do – you simply can’t expect them to stay put for long.

Order Your Multipurpose School Name Labels Today

You can order online at any time. Alternatively, call our Customer Service Team to place an order by phone – our office hours are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

We print and post school name labels every day up to 3pm, which means that your order will soon be on it’s way to you. Standard delivery uses first class mail, which usually arrives next day (although this is not guaranteed and items may take up to five working days).

Find out more about how Stikins ® labels can be used as school uniform name labels and school name labels. We’ve got plenty of top tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your school labels.

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