Have You Put Clothing Name Labels On Your Summer Planning List Yet?

Product Information: Have You Put Clothing Name Labels On Your Summer Planning List Yet?

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Have You Put Clothing Name Labels On Your Summer Planning List Yet?

With summer due to roll around in a few weeks, you might find that your mind is drifting ahead and making plans for your summer holidays (unless, of course, you’re among the super organised and you’ve already got your plans and lists sorted!).

Tick Order Clothing Name Labels off your To Do List

Whether you’re planning an exotic trip abroad, a “staycation” at home, or just getting out and about for some fun filled days, clothing name labels are an excellent addition to your summer holiday list. Our Stikins ® are multipurpose clothing name labels that can be used to label pretty much anything from clothing and shoes to bags and cases (and everything that you’re planning to throw in for your trip), which makes them a perfect little helper for making sure that everybody’s stuff makes it safely to your holiday destination of choice AND back again.

You can make sure that everyone has everything they need to make the most of your trip (or trips) without the risk of losing things along the way. Plus, we’ve also taken steps to make sure that our name labels remain unaffected by exposure to sun creams and lotions, which means that they’ll remain perfectly in place even if you’re planning to get active in the summer sun!

If you’re using your clothing name labels to label things for the whole family you could buy a pack of labels for each person (and make the most of our 10% discount on orders of four or more packs) OR you could purchase labels with just your surname on and share them out amongst everyone – if you are buying clothing name labels for stuff that is going to be taken out and about, it’s also a good idea to add a contact number so that they are easier to return if you lose them in a public place.

Place an Order or Get in Touch for our Clothing Name Labels

Visit the Stikins ® information page to find out more about our clothing name labels or visit our Stikins ® product page to buy yours now! If you have any further questions you need answering, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today.

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