When Is A Name Label Not A Name Label?

Product Information: When Is A Name Label Not A Name Label?

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When Is A Name Label Not A Name Label?

Alternative Uses For Our Multipurpose Name Labels…

While it’s true that our Stikins ® name labels were designed and developed specifically for the purpose of labelling school uniform (and equipment), the sheer versatility of our stick on name labels means that they can be used for a whole host of other tasks and applications.

Our name labels are made with an extremely flexible vinyl and a highly advanced adhesive, which allows them to form a superbly strong adhesive bond with a wide range of surfaces under a range of conditions, even when a label application requires them to remain firmly in place on unusual materials or curved surfaces.

We have a variety of customers who purchase our labels for non-school-uniform related purposes, ranging from individuals who’ve come up with an unusual use for them in the home to companies and organisations who use them for the day to day running of their business.

Here’s just a few of the alternative ways our name labels can be used:

Organisation, Filing, & Storage Name Labels

As our name labels are so superbly sticky, they’re a fantastic label to use to get organised at home or at work. Whether you use files or plastic boxes to keep everything organised, our Stikins ® will stay firmly in place and they’re ideal whether you simply need to keep the office organised or you’ve got children’s bedrooms to (attempt to) keep clean and tidy.

Medical Alerts Name Label 

We have a number of customers who order labels printed with medical or allergy information, which can then be used as medical alerts to keep medical supplies and/or food and drink containers clearly and securely labelled. Whether you (or a relative or child) have medical equipment that must be on hand at all times (especially in busy, shared environments) or you simply need to make sure that your (or your relative’s or child’s) food and drink are clearly labelled, our name labels will adhere firmly onto the containers that these items are stored in or directly onto the equipment itself. They’re a useful way to both keep equipment and food supplies safe so that they’re always on hand AND they can inform others of your (or your relative’s or child’s) condition should an emergency situation arise.

Product / Material Sample Name Labels

As our name labels are designed for the purpose of labelling fabric items, they’re a brilliant tool for use as product or sample labels on fabric items – especially where the items you need to label are made of more unusual materials that standard adhesives may struggle to adhere to properly.

Please note that we would highly recommend testing the suitability of these labels for your specific application; our labels have been tested for their ability to adhere to the wash care label of fabric items only and as such we cannot guarantee that they will bond as efficiently if you attempt to apply them directly onto a particular fabric.

Asset / Batch / Tracking Name Labels

A number of our customers are companies or businesses who want highly durable labels that can be used to mark up their products and/or property to carry asset information, batch information,

or as a means of tracking the movement of these items around a business (or beyond, if items are loaned out to individuals).

You can request labels that are printed with your company details, with a particular department or building, or with space to add in batch or tracking information that will be assigned to items at a later date.

For more detailed information about our Stikins ®, please visit our Stikins ® Information Page; if you are considering using our name labels for an alternative purpose and you have any questions or would like to request a sample, please contact our Customer Service team to discuss your requirements.

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