We're Playing The Royal Name Game!

News: We're Playing The Royal Name Game!

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We're Playing The Royal Name Game!

The Stikins ® Name Tags Guide To The Latest Royal Baby Names

The name of Royal Baby No. 3 has (finally) been announced and so we’re celebrating with a closer look at the names chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. We’ve also had a bit of fun seeing how well these royal names fare amongst our name tags customers…


More commonly associated with European royalty (including 18 French Kings), it means “famous warrior” or “famous in battle”. Prince Louis shares this name with his brother and his father as both Prince George and Prince William have Louis as a middle name.

Stikins ® Name Tags Rating: Louis is the 44th most popular name amongst our customers.


Best known from the legend of King Arthur, this name has a number of possible origins and meanings, including two Celtic elements meaning “bear” and “king”. Amongst the Royal family, it’s a popular middle name. Prince William, Prince Charles, and King George VI (Queen Elizabeth II’s father) were all given the name Arthur as one of their middle names.

Stikins ® Name Tags Rating: Arthur is the 60th most popular name amongst our customers.


Also popular among European rulers, Charles was introduced to the British Royal Family with King Charles I (and continued with his son, Charles II). The name is generally believed to mean “man”. Prince Louis shares this name with his grandfather, Prince Charles.

Stikins ® Name Tags Rating: Charles is a rarer choice amongst our customers. We only printed 3 sets of name tags with this name in 2017.

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