Celebrating Wonderfully Welsh Names For St David’s Day

Just for Fun: Celebrating Wonderfully Welsh Names For St David’s Day

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Celebrating Wonderfully Welsh Names For St David’s Day

For St David’s Day, we’re celebrating names with wonderfully Welsh roots. Plus, we take a look at our own roots and explore how Stikins ® name labels came to be!

Celebrating Wonderfully Welsh Names On St David’s Day

We’ve printed lots of wonderful Welsh names and we’ve listed some of our most requested names below. Can you think of any more Welsh names?

A list of Welsh names and their meanings. Each name appears in red on a white background and each meaning in white on green. They are: Aderyn and Deryn meaning Bird, Anwen meaning Beautiful, Bleddyn meaning Wolf, Branwen meaning Fair Raven, Bryn meaning Hill or Mound, Carys meaning Love, Dylan meaning Son of the Sea, Eira meaning Snow, Eirlys meaning Snowdrop, Elain meaning Fawn, Enfys meaning Rainbow, Eos meaning Nightingale, Ffion meaning Foxglove, Glyn meaning Valley, Gruffudd meaning Strong Lord, Gwydion meaning Born of Trees, Haf meaning Summer, Hywel meaning Eminent, Idris meaning Ardent Lord, Madoc meaning Good or Fortunate, Meredith meaning Great or Sea Lord, Morgan meaning Sea Circle, Morwenna meaning Maiden, Rhys meaning Enthusiasm, Seren meaning Star, Taliesin meaning Shining Brown, Tegan meaning Darling, Winifred meaning Friend of Peace, and Arwyn, Delwyn, Gwyn, Tegwyn, Wynne, and Wyn all meaning Fair or Blessed.

Celebrating The Roots Of Stikins ® Name Labels

Our own roots start with our managing director. In 2003, he found himself with four children of school-attending age and a mountain of school kit to label. Unfortunately, name labels at the time tended to be expensive, time consuming, and short-lasting. He was also looking to start his own business after 20 years working in the labelling industry.

So, he decided to try to create his own name labelling product. He aimed to provide busy parents with a quick, simple, and budget friendly way to label their kids' stuff. Six months later, the first version of Stikins ® name labels was created.

Over the years, we’ve continued to develop our name labels – creating both new and improved versions of our products to help our customers. This included the development of our “New” size and shape, new materials, and new products like our silver labels, iron on name transfers, and name labelling kit.

While some of these products have come and gone, our “New” Stikins ® name labels stood the test of time. The latest version has our unique adhesive, an advanced synthetic face material, and sun cream resistant printing ribbon. This means parents can label all their kids’ kit in minutes – with stick on name labels that really do just stick on and stay on.

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