Are Your Favourite Names On Our 2023 Favourite Fifty List?

Just for Fun: Are Your Favourite Names On Our 2023 Favourite Fifty List?

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Are Your Favourite Names On Our 2023 Favourite Fifty List?

We’re back with another list of our favourite fifty names. Read on to find out if your favourite names have made our list from 2023.

Our Favourite Fifty Names Of 2023

Each year, we like to take a look back and celebrate the most popular names of the previous year. Last year, we launched our “Favourite Fifty” list, which takes our traditional top 20 names for girls and top 20 names for boys, mixes them together, and adds in a few extras for fun!

Check out our Favourite Fifty list below. Have your favourite names made our list this year?!

A list of our favourite fifty names of 2023. The names are all displayed in a bold black font in an individual background, which is blue, purple, green, or pink in colour. The names are: Alex, Alfie, Alice, Amelia, Archie, Arthur, Ava, Ben, Charlie, Charlotte, Chloe, Ella, Emily, Ethan, Eva, Evie, Florence, Freddie, Freya, George, Grace, Harry, Henry, Imogen, Isaac, Isabella and Isabelle, Isla, Jack, Jacob, James, Jessica, Joshua, Leo, Lily, Lucy, Max, Mia, Noah, Oliver, Olivia, Oscar, Phoebe, Poppy, Rosie, Ruby, Sam, Sophie and Sophia, Theo, Thomas, and William.

How To Personalise Your Name Labels To Suit Your Favourite Names

There are lots of ways to personalise Stikins ® name labels. The only rules are:

  • You must use one or two lines of text.
  • Each line holds 22 characters maximum (including spaces).
  • You must use alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9) and standard punctuation from the English alphabet / keyboard.

Our website features a Preview, which you can use to try out different options for your personalisation. To get the best out of your name labels, try our top tips:

  • We’ve printed first names, surnames, middle names, initials, nicknames, year groups, school names, room numbers, care home names, medical / allergy information, contact information, and friendly messages. When deciding what to include on your name labels, think about WHERE they will be used and by WHOM.
    • For CLOSED environments (used by specific groups) use a simple name only. For OPEN environments (open to the public) add contact information so items are easy to return.
    • If someone is better known by a nickname than their given name, use their nickname or include both names.
  • The font gets smaller as you add more characters. For 12 characters or fewer, you’ll get a larger font using one line.
  • For longer names (or other information), make the most of our two line layout and use initials or abbreviations.
  • To create packs for sharing, try:
    • Using a family or group name like Surname Family, Team Family, or Surname Twins.
    • Entering the first names on the top line and the surname on the bottom line.
    • Entering one name on the top line and one on the bottom line (and cut your name labels in half if you wish).
    • Using a shared initial and a surname.

Head on over to our online order form to place an order for your favourite names today!

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