FAQ – What Is Included With My Order Of Name Labels?

FAQ: FAQ – What Is Included With My Order Of Name Labels?

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FAQ – What Is Included With My Order Of Name Labels?

Order Name Labels

When you order name labels from Label Planet, we do our best to make sure your order includes everything you need…

Almost all of our orders are despatched in C5 envelopes that will fit neatly through your letterbox and are decorated with a distinctive purple “Stikins ®” pattern so you know that your name labels have definitely arrived!
Large orders will be despatched in a small box and sent on our Signed For service to ensure they arrive safely.

Each order goes out with a covering letter that is both the delivery information for your order AND your VAT receipt, which includes a breakdown of the items you have ordered and the total you have paid.

  • Customer Reference Number (you can use this number if you want to place a repeat order or report an issue)
  • Date & Time Of Order
  • School Reference Number Quoted (only included if you quoted a code to earn commission for a school, PTA, or group)
  • Details Of Each Pack Included In Your Order (including the pack code, quantity, and text requested)
  • Price Breakdown (including a breakdown of individual pack prices and the VAT included in your order)
  • Label Planet Contact Details (so you have all of our information to hand if you need to get in touch with us)

Our leaflets include general information about our products, ways to order (including an order form if you should wish to place a postal order next time), and our contact information.

Our two name label products are packaged slightly differently as follows:
STIKINS ®: each pack is put into its own wallet, which has Instructions For Use printed on the back.
TRONS ®: each pack is put into its own wallet, along with two silicon sheets for each sheet of Trons ® in that pack and a set of step-by-step Instructions For Use.

Still Need and Extra Hand for our Name Labels

Of course, if you find that your order arrives and you have a question that isn’t answered by any of the content included with your order then you can visit our website to look through our information pages or simply contact our Customer Service team, who will be happy to answer any queries that you have.

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