FAQ – How Many Name Labels Should I Buy?

FAQ: FAQ – How Many Name Labels Should I Buy?

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FAQ – How Many Name Labels Should I Buy?

One of the most common questions we get from parents is “how many name labels should I buy?”.

The simple response is that it depends on how many things you think you’ll need (or want) to label but, as many of our customers have discovered, once you start labelling things, it’s quite difficult to stop and you might find that you simply run out!

Name Labels Packet Sizes

Our name labels are available in four pack sizes as follows:
Stikins ®: 30 labels / 60 labels / 90 labels / 120 labels (in white or silver)
OR 120 labels / 240 labels (white AND silver)
Trons ®: 35 labels / 70 labels / 105 labels / 140 labels
[although you can, of course, purchase multiple packs if you think our biggest packs simply aren’t going to be enough!]

 If you’re not  sure exactly how many labels you will need you can always buy a few name labels now and then come back and place another order if you run out – all of our orders are made and despatched same day (Mon-Fri, where orders are received by 3pm), so you won’t have to wait long for those extra labels.

The alternative is to buy one of our bigger packs and – if you don’t need to use all of them at once, you can safely store the rest away for when you next need them. This option is more cost effective than buying lots of small packs and our products will retain their original quality for up to two (Stikins ®) or five (Trons ®) years – all you need to do is make sure you keep your name labels in their original packaging and store them somewhere safe (in a dry place, out of direct sunlight, preferably at room temperature).

For more FAQs about our Name Labels Get in Touch with one of Our Team

Visit our Parent FAQ page for more answers to Frequently Asked Questions, or jump straight to our product pages (Stikins ® name labels / Trons ® name transfers) to place your order now.

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