FAQ – How Do I Apply My Name Labels?!

FAQ: FAQ – How Do I Apply My Name Labels?!

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FAQ – How Do I Apply My Name Labels?!

While we’ve tried to make our name labels as simple and straightforward as possible to use, it’s always nice to have some instructions to hand to make sure you’ve done everything absolutely right.

We’ve written step by step guides for both our Stikins ® name labels and our Trons ® name transfers; a copy of these instructions is sent out with each pack and they are also available to view or download on our website.

Of course, every little extra helps, so here’s both sets of Instructions For Use in this very blog post, right here or contact us!

Instructions For Use: STIKINS ® name labels

  1. Ensure the item is completely dry.
  2. Carefully peel the label from the backing paper, trying to avoid touching the adhesive.
  3. Apply the label onto the wash-care label of the item (clothing/fabric items) or directly onto the item itself.
  4. Using your thumb, smooth the label down for a few seconds to ensure that the adhesive fully bonds with the material.

Instructions For Use: TRONS ® name transfers

  1. Use a hard flat surface (not an ironing board). Turn the clothes inside out. Set the iron to the maximum heat setting.
  2. Cut or tear the silicon sheet. Each piece must be bigger than the labels. Each piece can only be used once.
  3. Put the garment over the edge of the surface. Put a label text up on the very edge of the surface.
  4. Put a piece of silicon paper on top of the label. The silicon must be shiny side down. The silicon should only be used once.
  5. Iron the silicon paper with the tip of the iron but do not use steam. Press down and move the iron from side to side. Iron for 25 seconds.
  6. Remove the silicon paper while still hot. Allow it to cool and check the label is bonded. If the label is not bonded then repeat step 5.

Top Tips For Long-Lasting Name Labels

– After applying Stikins ®, leave the item for 24 hours before washing to allow the adhesive to fully strengthen and set. Do not be tempted to test the adhesive by peeling up a corner of the label after washing.

– Apply your labels to items that have been washed at least ONCE before application; some items (especially clothing) may have traces of dust, excess dye, or preservative coatings that can interfere with the adhesive on Stikins ®and with the bonding process when you apply Trons ®.

– Don’t iron directly over your labels once they have been applied; the Stikins ®are made of vinyl that will melt if it is touched by an iron, and the print on your Trons ® transfers may gradually disintegrate over time if you iron directly over the print.

– Remember that Stikins ® MUST be applied onto the wash care label of garments and Trons ® MUST NOT be applied onto the wash care label of items.

– Apply Stikins ® to the side or beneath the tongue of shoes; they must not be applied directly beneath the heel as the constant friction between the label and foot will cause the print to rapidly disintegrate until it is worn away completely.

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