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It’s a story all too familiar for some parents. You spend hours (days!) finding the perfect pair of school shoes only for your child to come home with a single forlorn shoe (or none at all), leaving you with the unnecessary expense of buying replacements.

Stick on shoe labels are a simple way to help your child keep hold of their shoes – even in the chaos of the classroom, cloakroom, or changing room at home time. Stikins can put an end to the ceaseless pitter patter of tiny feet – running around looking for missing shoes!

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Shoe Labels To Keep Track Of Footwear

These Shoe Labels Are Made For Walking (Boots… And Shoes And Trainers And Wellies And…)

Going to school means buying school shoes as well as additional pairs for certain subjects and activity clubs (like P.E., drama, and dance). School shoes, trainers, and pumps have similar (if not identical) designs making it easy for mix ups to occur – not to mention how easy it is for shoes to fall out of bags, off tables, or to simply be put down and forgotten. Shoe labels make it simple for your child to find their own shoes (or for someone else to find and return any shoes that your child manages to lose).

Stikins are extremely simple to apply. Stick your shoe labels onto the side wall or beneath the tongue of your child’s shoes. The white background and bold black font means adults and children alike can identify the owner of a particular shoe in a single glance.

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We currently supply Stikins name labels in four pack sizes (30 labels per pack, 60 labels per pack, 90 labels per pack or 120 labels per pack) to ensure that we can cater to every need. If you would like to purchase a personalised pack of shoe labels today, you can order online, by phone, or by post. We make and despatch shoe labels every day, Monday to Friday, up to 3pm.

For more information about our shoe labels, including other ways that you can use our multipurpose labels, take a look at our FAQs and About Stikins pages, or contact us today! A member of the Stikins Team will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have!

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