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Whether they’re just starting nursery or graduating to “big” school, kids come with a lot of (expensive) accessories included. While we can’t help with the day to day chaos of looking after kids, we can help you to take control of the chaos that is their stuff.

Our stick on name tags for kids are a brilliant way to label all your children’s belongings – so when they venture out into the big wide world, you can rest assured that their stuff will make the journey home too.

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Save Time With Stikins Name Tags For Kids

We know that parents don’t want to waste money replacing lost items – and that they’d rather not spend hours applying sew-in name tags or iron-on labels. This is why our name tags for kids have a unique adhesive, which allows them to stick on and stay on, even when labelled items are put through the washing machine, tumble-dryer, dishwasher or microwave.

Our multipurpose name tags for kids can be used to label clothing and personal items. Simply stick your name tags firmly onto the wash-care label of fabric items (such as clothes, bedding, towels, soft toys etc) or stick them directly onto personal items (including shoes, bags, lunchboxes, water bottles, school kit, mobiles, tablets, and other “essentials” that your children won’t leave at home).

Stikins have been independently tested and even more thoroughly tested by thousands of families across the UK who rely on our name tags year after year after year.

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We supply four pack sizes: 30 name labels, 60 name labels, 90 name labels, or 120 name labels. You can order online, by phone, or by post. Orders are printed and posted every day, Monday to Friday, up to 3pm so your name labels will be despatched same or next working day.

If you want to know more about our name tags for kids, please get in touch! You can also take a look at our FAQs or find about more about Stikins here

Name Tags

Stikins are multipurpose name tags that simply stick in and stay in - no sewing or ironing required. Label all of your children's belongings safely and securely in minutes!
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These are amazing! So quick and easy to...

These are amazing! So quick and easy to apply, and last really well. Saved me so much time labelling clothes/toys/bottles, just ordered a second batch

3rd Feb 2019



Fantastic, quick delivery. Excellent quality name tags that...

Fantastic, quick delivery. Excellent quality name tags that you can put on anything.

Kate Middleton
21st Aug 2018



I love these stickers they are just perfect...

I love these stickers they are just perfect for school uniforms and toys and water bottles. They don’t come off in the wash or dishwasher and work much better than laundry pens. Order more than you think you need. I stick them on everything and they are so much easier than sewing on labels. Great product.

2nd Jul 2018



Always a very fast service and the labels...

Always a very fast service and the labels are great. They are very sticky and they don't come off in the wash. We use them on clothes, shoes, water bottles, food containers, toys etc.

Paula Holland
6th Nov 2017



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