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Traditionally, clothing labels have been sew-in name tapes or iron-on name tags, which can be time consuming and tricky to apply. We designed our stick on labels to provide a quick and simple alternative that can label clothing in minutes, not hours.

Stikins stick onto the wash-care label of clothing, where they remain in place for wash after wash after wash. They can even be put through tumble-dryers. With our stick on labels for clothing you can rest assured that your items will remain safely labelled all year round!

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Easy to Apply Clothing Labels

Put Down Your Needles & Irons; Stick On Clothing Labels Get Everything Labelled In Minutes

The thought of spending hours sewing in name tapes or ironing on name tags is enough to put anyone off – especially when you’ve got a mountain of clothes to label.

Our unique adhesive is powerful enough hold your clothes labels firmly in place and lets you label dozens of items in minutes. Simply stick your clothing labels firmly onto the wash-care label of each item. Stikins can be used to label any item of clothing with a wash-care label, along with fabric items like bedding, towels, and soft toys – unfortunately, they cannot be used on socks.

These personalised clothing labels are printed with a ribbon that is resistant to ingredients in sun creams and lotions that cause other ribbons to disintegrate – so your labels will remain perfectly legible all year round.

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You can choose from four pack sizes when ordering your clothing labels; 30, 60, 90, or 120. You can also order your labels online, by phone, or by post; we print and post orders every day, Monday to Friday, up to 3pm.

To find out more about our clothing labels and all of the ways they can be used, check out our About Stikins and FAQs pages or get in touch with your questions and queries.

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