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Make The Most Of Your School Fundraising With These Helpful Extras

Over the years, we have worked with our school fundraisers to develop guides and fundraising materials to help schools and PTAs get as much out of our fundraising scheme as possible. This page brings together links to all of our fundraising resources and fundraising ideas, including our “Really Useful Downloads”, which means you can use this one page to find out how much commission you have earned (so far), how to add a link to your school website, and how to download all sorts of helpful extras.

School Fundraising Free Resources From Stikins Name Labels

We've included a link to our Fundraising Guide & Commission Booster Plan, which has answers to most of the questions we get asked by schools and PTAs. This guide is a brilliant way to introduce the scheme to head teachers, members of staff, and PTA members and to rally support for your fundraising efforts. We are also more than happy to chat with schools and PTAs to discuss any additional ideas they have about how they can boost the commission they earn through the Stikins ® school fundraising scheme.

School Fundraising With Stikins ® Name Labels


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