Our School Fundraising Offer Is Back; Request Your Samples Now!

Schools: Our School Fundraising Offer Is Back; Request Your Samples Now!

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Our School Fundraising Offer Is Back; Request Your Samples Now!

Every year, we give schools the opportunity to request five free Stikins ® name labels for their new intake. Our fantastic offer is back again this year, ready to help you give your school fundraising a boost this summer.

Reasons To Request Free Samples From Our School Fundraising Scheme

We’ve been supplying free school samples for nine years. Our offer runs alongside our school fundraising scheme and is open to all schools regardless of whether you’re a member of our fundraising scheme or not. There are plenty of reasons to request free samples:  

They promote name labelling in school, which reduces lost property.
Name labels might already be part of your school’s uniform policy but not all parents will be labelling all of their children’s school kit. Our stick on name labels make name labelling an easy job that can be done in seconds. Giving parents a sample that they can try for themselves shows them exactly how simple it is to label school kit. This encourages them to take up the practice permanently.

They give your school fundraising a boost during the summer holidays.
Our school fundraising scheme helps schools to raise money by earning commission on sales of our name labels. Schools that request free samples tend to earn more commission. Parents respond really well to actually being able to try before they buy. This boosts the number that actually go on to order over the summer as part of their back to school preparations (earning more commission for the school at the same time).

They’re a small and practical gift for your new intake.
Free samples of name labels are a great addition to new starter kits. Some parents may not know how important it is to label school kit. Adding a sample in their starter kits is a great way to introduce them to name labelling. Each set is personalised, giving each child a personal welcome to your school. Stikins  ® name labels are a practical gift that your new starters (or at least their parents) can actually use and appreciate.

What Is The Free Samples Offer From Stikins ® Name Labels?

We personalise five stick on name labels for each of your new starters joining your school in September. Each set is individually packed with a parent leaflet and instructions for use.

All you have to do is send us the names you need printing. Email your names across in an Excel spreadsheet or Word document. If you use a spreadsheet or table, please put first names in one column and surnames in a second column.

We offer a variety of alternatives if you are unable to release full names for reasons relating to data protection. You could use initials in place of one of the names or just initials. If you do request just initials, we recommend adding a class name or year group to avoid confusion with other children in the school. For example:

  • First Name / Surname
  • Initial / Surname
  • First Name / Initial
  • Both Initials / Class Name

We only use your spreadsheet for the purpose of printing your samples. As soon as your samples have been packed ready for despatch, your file is deleted from our system. We have produced a GDPR Statement relating specifically to the information supplied to us when schools request free samples. This statement can be read or downloaded from our Downloads & Useful Links page.

We send your samples directly to the school so you can add them to your new starter kits. If a home address is more convenient, please let us know.

We also supply free copies of our parent leaflets if you would like to promote our school fundraising scheme to the rest of the school.

Request Your Free Samples Of Stikins ® Name Labels Today

Request your samples using our online Requests & Sign Up Form or by emailing [email protected]. You can also use the online form to request an information pack, parent leaflets, and school posters.

Remember we need to receive your list of names in an Excel spreadsheet or Word document. You can use a password protected file and send the password to us separately by email or phone.

If you have any questions or queries about our free samples or our school fundraising scheme, you can contact our Customer Service Team by phone or email and we’ll be happy to help.

Our free sample offer is open until the end of June so make sure you get your request in soon!

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