Have A Hoppy Hippy Happy Easter!

Holidays: Have A Hoppy Hippy Happy Easter!

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Have A Hoppy Hippy Happy Easter!

It’s Easter time and we hope you all have a fun (and safe) time celebrating this year. To celebrate, we’ve put together some fun traditional Easter activities that you can try safely at home.

We’ll also be closing for our annual extended Easter break so check out the details below for an update on our despatch and delivery times if you’re thinking about ordering name labels this Easter.

Traditional Easter Games For You To Try At Home

There are lots of traditional Easter games and many (as you might expect) involve Easter Eggs. Here are four traditional games (along with home-friendly variants) for you to try.


Decorated hard-boiled eggs are rolled down a hill or pushed across a lawn with sticks or spoons. If you can’t get outside, try pushing your eggs across a suitable indoor space or create a mini obstacle course for players to navigate.


Set up a hunt in your garden or home. You could hide individual eggs or create a trail of clues to lead players to a grand prize.


Each player has a hard-boiled egg and they take turns using their egg to tap their opponent’s egg. The aim is to crack your opponent’s egg without damaging your own.


Eggs are spread around the floor and players have to dance between them without breaking them. Players can be blindfolded as an extra challenge. For less mess, lay down protective sheets OR use decorative eggs or alternative obstacles for your dancers to avoid.


There are many traditional egg throwing games. One is throwing decorated hard-boiled eggs as far as possible without them breaking. Another is throwing eggs so they keep spinning after they land. A slightly messier game is throwing a raw egg between players while moving a step apart after each successful throw. If you don’t have much space available, try smaller (more contained) challenges – like throwing eggs at a target (like a bowl or box) or seeing which pair can throw their egg back and forth without dropping it for the longest time.

There are also plenty of Easter activity packs online, like our Easter colouring sheets, which can be downloaded for free from our Kids Activities page.

Easter Despatch & Delivery

As usual, we’ll be closing for an extended Easter break. We will be closing at 1:30pm today and will re-open at 9am on Monday 12th April.

Our last print run will still be at 3pm this afternoon. Orders placed after 3pm will be printed and posted when we re-open.

Our standard delivery service is free and uses Royal Mail’s first class service. Due to ongoing restrictions and increased demand, first class mail is taking a little longer to arrive so we ask that you allow five working days for your name labels to be delivered.

Happy Easter From Stikins ® Name Labels

Whatever you get up to this Easter, we hope you manage to have a fun time celebrating safely. Have a hippy hoppy happy Easter and we hope to see you again after our Easter break.

Happy Easter!

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