Trons ® Information

Trons ® name transfers are a new kind of name label that borrows a great idea from the clothing industry and uses it to create a brand new – and highly effective – way to label clothing and fabric items.

Trons ® were developed by Label Planet in 2013 and launched in 2014; these brilliantly modern name labels produce a completely permanent name label on any fabric item with only a single iron-on application, and are capable of surviving all the stresses and strains of everyday life and the inevitable cycle of washing and drying that follows. 

Trons ® iron-on name transfers use the same ideas and materials behind the transfers used by the clothing industry to add designs to items of clothing, particularly T-shirts, which means they are designed to stay firmly in place for the lifetime of the garment or item.

Each transfer is made up of a single, extremely thin layer of an advanced synthetic film, which is then impregnated with ink. During application, heat causes the transfer to fuse with the fabric of the item being labelled, which means that the transfer effectively becomes a part of the item where it remains as a completely permanent name label.

Using this material and this method of name labelling has many, many advantages. The transfer material has a smooth, matt finish and, because it fuses into the fabric of the item, it flexes and folds along with the item itself whenever the item is worn or used. This means that these name labels are completely unobtrusive; unlike traditional multi-layered iron-on labels (where only the bottom adhesive layer bonds with the fabric), Trons ® lie flat with the fabric, which means that there are no corners that could rub against or irritate the skin, or catch and curl upwards, eventually causing the label to peel away.

Trons ® can be used to label all kinds of items – from the traditional bits and pieces of school uniform to those all-important extras, such as socks, hats, gloves, and scarves. Trons ® should be applied directly onto clothing or fabric items, which means that these labels can be added pretty much anywhere to anything – as long as it’s made of fabric!

Trons ® have been successfully tested by an independent laboratory using the BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedure for 30 washes at 40 degrees; they can also be put through the tumble drier. When applying Trons ®, the item being labelled should be clean and dry, and care should be taken when ironing labelled garments; as with any item that has had designs added using a transfer, it is best to avoid ironing directly over the name transfer itself as this can cause the print to disintegrate over time. 

Each label is printed with a bold, black font that stands out clearly against the white background; Trons ® are designed to transfer both the text and the white background as part of each name label so that they can be used on all fabrics, regardless of whether an item is light or dark in colour (or even a mix of the two).

Customers can choose to have their labels printed with letters (upper and/or lower case), numbers, and most European characters (including accented characters in the general ASCII range up to 168).

The majority of our customers request labels printed with a first name (line one) and surname (line two) but we are happy to print whatever text customers want to include. For example, we often print name labels with contact information (phone number or address), medical and allergy information, school information (school name or class name), or simple messages (such as “This belongs to” or “Please return to”).

In summer, name labels may come into contact with sun creams and lotions; these products often use enhanced ingredients that – while providing excellent protection from the sun – will cause some inks to disintegrate.

Here at Label Planet, we have tested our name transfers to ensure that our Trons ® are fully resistant to the ingredients used in sun creams and lotions so that our name labels remain intact all year round.

Trons ® name transfers measure 35mm wide by 15mm high; name labels should be as invisible as possible – until they are needed – so we’ve kept things small and simple. These labels are a neat, unobtrusive size that will fit onto all kinds of fabric items, including smaller items such as socks, hats, gloves, and scarves.

Trons ® are available in four pack sizes; 35 labels, 70 labels, 105 labels, or 140 labels per pack. Each label within a pack is printed with the same text. Each pack includes a handy step by step set of instructions and silicon sheets for you to use when you apply your Trons ®.

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