Sun Cream Resistant Name Labels.

Why Do Most Name Labels Now Fail With Suncream?

August 7th, 2013

Label Planet Ltd launches new and improved STIKINS ® name labels today in response to new sun cream formulas.

Following customer feedback this summer, Label Planet Ltd tested its own brand of STIKINS ® name labels and competitors’ name labels against a range of the most popular sun creams currently available on the market. The results showed that, in the majority of cases, the print began to wear off after only a short term of exposure, with long term exposure leading to an almost complete removal of the print.

Further investigation into the sun creams used in the test revealed that many of them may have new formulas designed to improve the protection provided by the cream. Enhanced versions of ingredients such as titanium dioxide may have been introduced to improve the performance of “blockers” that reflect, scatter or absorb ultraviolet light and are believed to be less irritating than other chemicals making them more suitable for infants or adults with sensitive skin.  However, while the protection provided by these sun creams has inarguably been improved, the new ingredients cause the disintegration of print on name labels – which are often attached to the wash care label at the neck of garments, and so are exposed directly to sun cream applied to the neck of a child.
In response to finding this issue and its cause, Label Planet Ltd have researched and sourced new advanced ink for its name labels, which have now been tested and found to be resistant to the new formulas of sun creams.

The new and improved sun cream resistant STIKINS ® have been released into the UK and the Worldwide markets through Label Planet Ltd and its official distributors. We believe that the new Label Planet Ltd products are the only name labels currently available, at the time of this article release, which have been launched to provide superior resistance to the new 2013 formulas used in sun cream lotions.

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Update May 2014

Our new name labelling products, TRONS ® name transfers, have also been tested against the most popular sun cream products on the market and were found to be similarly resistant to sun creams, meaning that customers can purchase any of our name labelling solutions and know that they will survive throughout the summer.

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Update June 2015

STIKINS ® name labels have been re-tested against the main brands of children's sun creams. They were soaked in sun cream for two minutes, then rubbed with a tissue 100 times, pressing down as hard as possible against a flat surface. In each case, the print showed no signs of wear or damage.

Following our research this summer, we would add that some adult sun creams and sprays are both alcohol based and contain large quantities of alcohol based ingredients; these sun creams will remove the print on name labels until the alcohol has evaporated (which can take anything from a few seconds to a few minutes).

These products smell very strongly of alcohol and are not suitable for children; if you do use alcohol based sun creams, we recommend that when you apply the sun cream, you must allow plenty of time for the alcohol to evaporate before you put on or handle items that have had a name label applied.

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