Shoe Name Labels | Labels For School Shoes

STIKINS ® name labels are ideal for identifying school shoes, trainers and pumps. The labels can be stuck under the tongue of the shoe or on the inner wall of the shoe.

STIKINS ® are a quick and easy way to label all kinds of footwear worn in schools. It is rare that school shoes are actually lost, because this would mean that children would have to go home shoeless! However, lessons such as P.E. or activity sessions may mean classes need to take off or change their shoes, which is where mix-ups can occur. Shoes worn for school often have similar styles, with some children having the exact same style of shoe – particularly if schools require children to wear pumps or plimsolls for P.E. lessons. When a child needs to take in additional pairs of shoes – such as trainers or pumps – it is quite easy for one or both to fall out of a bag or be put down and then forgotten. Sticking a name label into your children’s shoes is a simple way to make sure that your child always comes home with their own shoes and can help to prevent shoes being lost, which means there is no need to spend money replacing them.

The best place to put a label is either under the tongue of the shoe or on the side wall of the shoe. If you put them under the heel, the friction created between the label and foot during movement will cause the print to wear off.

The same labels are also fully tested for clothes, dishwasher and microwavable items, and general school items such as lunch boxes, books, and stationery. This means you can use the same labels on all of the extra items that your child may need for P.E. lessons – such as a kit bag, items of sporting equipment, drinks bottles, and all of the various pieces of uniform and kit that they are required to wear for sporting activities – which can be quite costly to purchase and replace. These multipurpose name labels really are cost effective, as well as fast and simple to use.

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