A Name Labels Short Story

Its not that gym vests are unimportant, but I did feel that their value must be a little lower than my happiness. Dragged to the school lost property room by my mum in full view of my friends, and then forced to search amongst the boxes and bags of clothes until we found a box marked “Lost Gym Vests” by some long gone PTA hero, it was the start of a realisation that name labels may play some kind of useful role.

The vest box was huge and of course contained hundreds of identical unlabelled vests, the stress of containing all this misery had split the box at one corner and layers of different coloured garments could be seen like the fossilised remains of past kids.

“David there is no need to dig down in the box, your vest will be on the top if it is here”,
I decided to get out as soon as possible. “Found it” I cried in jubilation and stuffed a gym vest the same size and colour as the missing one into my pocket and made a dash for the door.

Later at home the prodigal vest was of course rejected, “It can not possibly be yours, because it does not have your name label on it” and with a terrible realisation I knew that the interrogation would start all over again.

It is so annoying that he can not look after his school stuff, it’s not just the money, it’s the inconvenience, and stress it causes when something gets lost. I have to ask him over and over again to look in lost property, so we have both come to the school like a couple of guilty scavengers.

I have put school name labels in everything for him, from the look of this vest box lots of mums don’t bother, there must be thousands of wasted pounds here,  and now he is starting to rout around in the box “David there is no need to dig down in the box, your vest will be on the top if it is here”. Oh good he has got it now, I just wish I could dash out like he has.

Now I really am annoyed! well he can just wear this oversized vest for a bit, may be it will teach him a lesson, and now the phone is ringing, hi- yes- great- thanks-they can swap them back tomorrow then –me too- bye. Good job that I had name labels on the gym vest  and yes here is Garry’s vest… in David’s bag all the time.

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