STIKINS ® Name Labels for Residential Care.

Label Planet supplies STIKINS ® name labels and TRONS ® name transfers for nursing home residents.

Name Labels for Clothing

In residential care homes, there is the potential for a lot of confusion and mix-ups with clothing in laundry departments. This can cause distress to residents and their relatives and extra work for staff. STIKINS ® simply stick onto the wash-care label of clothes and are so easy to use that they can be applied by staff or residents. We have been supplying to residential homes for over 4 years, and the labels survive well in the laundries. Our new TRONS ® iron on quite easily and can be applied by staff or relatives to make sure that garments are permanently labelled with the name of a resident, even if they don’t have a garment or wash-care label.

Name Labels For Possessions

STIKINS ® name labels are also ideal for labelling all kinds of personal possessions, as we know that things like books can go missing, items of sentimental value can be lost and so on. STIKINS ® are a great tool for keeping track of belongings. TRONS ® can be used to label fabric items, whether they are practical possessions (such as towels or linen) or personal items (such as personal blankets, gloves, scarves, or hats).  

Fast and Simple Service

We sell thousands of name label products to customers whose relatives are in care, and we also sell directly to the nursing homes themselves. We offer a 10% discount when homes order directly with us.

We are committed to providing a fast and simple service to all of our care home customers.

If you have any questions regarding STIKINS ® or TRONS ® for nursing homes please call us on 01270-668076 or click here to view or order our labelling products.

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