A Comparison Between Traditional Name Label Solutions And Label Planet’s STIKINS ® & TRONS ®

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We have been supplying name labels for a decade. Our STIKINS ® name label products were developed by Label Planet in 2003. They simply stick onto the wash care label of school uniforms and school clothes, no sewing in or ironing on is required. Millions of these labels are now in use and we receive many re-orders from parents. The new and improved STIKINS ® are a relatively recent addition, added in 2010. They are as effective as the original ones but without the need of a special ‘H’ shape to secure themselves into the garment wash-care label. This product was further improved in 2013 to make it resistant to sun cream products. In 2014 we introduced our TRONS ® name transfers, an iron-on name labelling solution with a difference; this single layered product is impregnated with ink, which is fused and bonded into place using an iron to produce a permanent name label.


Some iron-on labels are now very good but equally some are useless; the problem for parents is that all suppliers will say their labels are good, and there is no way of knowing what the quality is like until the labels are in a washing machine. Many parents tend to find that iron-on labels come off in the wash or that they begin to peel away with time. Our TRONS ® offer an alternative to traditional iron-on labels. Traditional iron-on labels are made up of multiple layers, which means that they are much thicker and only their adhesive layer bonds to the fabric. They may also require multiple applications to create the required bond to ensure the label remains in place. TRONS ®, however, are a name transfer; they are made up of a single layer of material impregnated with ink, which means that they bond and fuse completely with the fabric they are applied to in order to create a fully permanent labelling solution. They only require one quick iron, which means they are much easier and quicker to apply than other iron-on labels.

Hot irons and children do not mix, so attaching iron-on labels is a job for adults. This is where our STIKINS ® name labels come in. These multiple use labels simply peel off the backing sheet and stick onto the wash-care label of garments or directly onto personal items; so they’re quick and easy for mum or dad to apply – or even for older children to apply themselves (with perhaps some supervision to make sure they follow the instructions and don’t go sticker crazy!).


Sew on labels are usually very nice looking and can be bought in a range of colours, fonts and sizes from some very good companies. For parents who have the time to sew labels in, or can pay somebody else to sew them in, sew on name labels are a good durable solution.

For non-sewers, busy parents or large families, sew in labels can be a nightmare.


You can simply write in your child’s name with a laundry marker pen. If your child’s name is short or can be easily abbreviated this can be a good quick and cheap solution. The problem is that many garment tags do not leave any space for writing a name. The result may not look particularly good, and may fade away. Also children like to see their own names in full rather than an abbreviated version. The full name is also good for children who are learning to recognise their name. STIKINS ® and TRONS ® print is high quality, and extremely easy to read.


STIKINS ® and TRONS ® provide solutions to a range of annoying and unnecessary problems caused by traditional methods of name labelling. STIKINS ® and TRONS ® are easy to apply, durable and easy to read. Today, millions of garments in the UK are labelled with Label Planet’s name labelling products and we continue to send more and more out.

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