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Name Labels For Residential Homes & Care Homes

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

The process of moving into a residential or care home can be a difficult one, fraught with all kinds of worries and concerns for both the individuals moving into care and for their family and friends.

Many residential and care homes provide facilities to help residents with day to day needs such as laundry services and, while staff will do their utmost to keep everything organised, this means that items must be put through shared machines, which can lead to mix ups or items going missing entirely.

Losing personal items can be distressing for both residents and relatives and can take up valuable time for members of staff. A simple solution is to add name labels to a resident’s clothing and possessions to ensure that they can always be returned to the right person.

STIKINS ® are easy to use stick on name labels that can be applied by residents, relatives, or members of staff in a few simple steps. These labels can be applied to the wash-care label of any garment and can also be applied to other personal items, including shoes, bags, books, or personal possessions that may hold emotional value.

TRONS ® are an iron on name transfer that provides a completely permanent name label solution for fabric items. These labels require a single iron on application and can be applied onto the wash-care label or directly onto the fabric of any garment or fabric item. TRONS ® are an ideal way to label clothing, towels, linens, and personal blankets.

STIKINS ® and TRONS ® can be ordered from the website, by phone, or by post.

We also supply name labels and name transfers directly to residential and care homes, with a 10% discount for homes that order from us on behalf of their residents.

STIKINS ® for Nursing Homes

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

While we mainly supply STIKINS ® to parents who want to label their children’s school uniform and personal belongings, we also supply STIKINS ® for use in residential care homes.

As in schools, residential care homes often have problems with personal items and clothing being mixed up or misplaced, which can cause distress to residents and their relatives, as well as extra work for the staff. Our STIKINS ® name labels can be quickly and easily applied to clothes and personal items, by staff or by relatives and residents themselves. In addition to keeping track of items of clothing, personal items that may be of significant sentimental value can also be labelled with the owner’s name to ensure they are not lost.

We supply STIKINS ® to individual customers who have relatives in care, as well as supplying name labels directly to a number of nursing homes. Care homes can register with us to receive a discount on their direct orders or apply for a unique reference number that will allow them to earn commission on orders placed with their number (as schools do).

We are committed to providing a fast and simple service to all of our care home customers. If you have any questions regarding STIKINS ® for nursing homes – whether you are an individual customer or a representative of a care home – please call us on 01270 668076 or email us at with your query.

You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about STIKINS ® name labels.

Name Labels For Residential Care

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

name labels for residential care


Moving into residential care can be stressful for relatives as well as the person involved, and often there is little time to plan. One of the many things that need to be done is using name labels to identify all clothes and personal possessions, so that they do not get mixed up.

There are several name labelling options including sew-in labels, iron-on labels and now there are stick in name labels, called STIKINS ®. Sew-in labels are the best and will also be the most durable, the problem is that there is a lot of work involved in sewing them in, and then continuing to sew in labels if new clothes are acquired. Iron-on labels can be good, but some are better than others. They are certainly faster to apply than the sew-in labels.

If you choose sew-in or iron-on labels you will need to order additional labels for shoes and personal items.

Stikins ® Name Labels for Residential Care

STIKINS ® have been used in care homes since 2004. These new name labels simply stick onto the wash care label of garments and can also be used for other personal possessions including shoes. The ease of application is especially important because relatives have limited time to do the labelling, also residents themselves or their care assistants can easily stick the labels on.

Whichever name label type you choose, fast delivery is essential so check that the labels can be supplied in time; some companies do not make the name labels themselves and  you may have to wait a couple of weeks for delivery.

Contact Us Today for Name Labels for Residential Care

For more information about our name labels for residential care and nursing homes, speak to one of our team today or place an order online.

Care Home Places 100th Name Label Order

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

care home name labels

Back in April 2008 we supplied the first name labels to one of the largest care home groups in the UK, and yesterday we made and dispatched their 100th name label order, with each order containing up to 120 individual names.

STIKINS ® name labels were chosen because of their ease of use and durability. Staff and residents can easily apply them to the wash care labels in clothes and onto other possessions, and the labels survive well in the laundries.

Speak to Stikins for more information or instruction on how our Name labels can help you.