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Care Home Places 100th Name Label Order

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

care home name labels

Back in April 2008 we supplied the first name labels to one of the largest care home groups in the UK, and yesterday we made and dispatched their 100th name label order, with each order containing up to 120 individual names.

STIKINS ® name labels were chosen because of their ease of use and durability. Staff and residents can easily apply them to the wash care labels in clothes and onto other possessions, and the labels survive well in the laundries.

Speak to Stikins for more information or instruction on how our Name labels can help you.

Name Labels: a short story…

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

name labels short story

In a moment of creativity I wrote a name labels short story for our website, I was hoping it could be a kind of pilot for a novel…

“It’s not that gym vests are unimportant, but I did feel that their value must be a little lower than my happiness. Dragged to the school lost property room by my mum in full view of my friends, and then forced to search amongst the boxes and bags of clothes until we found a box marked “Lost Gym Vests” by some long gone PTA hero, it was the start of a realisation that name labels may play some kind of useful role.

The vest box was huge and, of course, contained hundreds of identical unlabelled vests. The stress of containing all this misery had split the box at one corner and layers of different coloured garments could be seen like the fossilised remains of past kids.

“David, there is no need to dig down in the box, your vest will be on the top if it is here.”

I decided to get out as soon as possible. “Found it,” I cried in jubilation and stuffed a gym vest the same size and colour as the missing one into my pocket and made a dash for the door.

Later, at home, the prodigal vest was of course rejected, “It cannot possibly be yours, because it does not have your name label on it,” and with a terrible realisation I knew that the interrogation would start all over again.

It is so annoying that he cannot look after his school stuff; it’s not just the money, it’s the inconvenience and stress it causes when something gets lost. I have to ask him over and over again to look in lost property, so we have both come to the school like a couple of guilty scavengers.

I have put school name labels in everything for him. From the look of this vest box lots of mums don’t bother, there must be thousands of wasted pounds here, and now he is starting to root around in the box; “David, there is no need to dig down in the box, your vest will be on the top if it is here”. Oh good, he has got it now, I just wish I could dash out like he has.

Now I really am annoyed! Well, he can just wear this oversized vest for a bit, maybe it will teach him a lesson, and now the phone is ringing, hi- yes- great- thanks- they can swap them back tomorrow then- me too- bye. Good job that I had name labels on the gym vest, and, yes, here is Garry’s vest…in David’s bag all along.

I am still waiting for responses from publishers. Can’t think where I went wrong???

So Which Name Labels Are The Best?

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

name labels best

Well I think it depends what you want and what is important to you.

Woven name labels with embroidered names look fantastic and are the most durable, but you have to sew them all in.
Writing names in with a pen is fast and cheap but looks terrible and will fade.
Some iron on name labels are good but others just fall out after a few washes.

STIKINS ® name labels offer a fast and durable solution….but remember you are reading the Label Planet blog and we make them.
But they really are good!!!

For more information speak to one of our experts for instructional use or any fundraising opportunities

Harvey: Name Labels Dog Photo Shoot Experience

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Harvey name labels

Earlier today, following an early start for grooming, Harvey, the star of the Label Planet STIKINS ® publicity campaign, visited a studio for his photo shoot.
With his typical enthusiasm he wore us all out as we tried to get the right photograph. In the end he got bored playing with us and sat down, looked straight at the camera, and posed!!!

Pictures of the name labels dog will be on press wire next Wednesday and on the site later this week.

For more information about any of our name labels or to place an order contact our Stikins ® sales team today

Many thanks to Simon J. Newbury Photographers of Nantwich.

Name Labels Manufactured Every Day

Friday, July 16th, 2010

clothing name labels stikins

We are running STIKINS ® clothing name labels production at least twice a day, every weekday in July and August. Normally we run at 8.30 in the morning and again at around 1.00 in the afternoon.

All our products are packed same day and posted out first class post so this means that for many parents their personalised clothing name labels will arrive will arrive next day.

For more information about any of our clothing name labels, speak to one of our helpful sales team.

STIKINS ® Name Labels For Southern Ireland

Friday, July 16th, 2010

name labels ireland

From today Label Planet will be supplying name labels directly to Southern Irish customers via its new website. This is the first time our STIKINS ® name labels have been sold directly outside the UK postcode area.

We now welcome name label sales from this country via our web site We may also be looking for a Dublin based agent later this year.

Company Dog To Star In Name Labels Advertising

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Harvey name labels

A decision was made today at Label Planet that the company dog, Harvey, will be the main star of a publicity campaign due to start in August.

Harvey is a fantastic looking 3 year old brown Labradoodle and his first official job in the company will be to publicise the New STIKINS ® name labels.

A clipping and shampooing session will be followed by a photo shoot next week.

Harvey hopes to give Lassie and the Dulux dog serious competition! and to help spread the word about Label Planet’s superb new name labels product.

For more information about any of our name labels for clothes, lunch boxes and much more, please contact our team.


Top Names From A Name Labels Database

Monday, July 5th, 2010

A customer asked us what the most popular names were in the UK, and as a name labels manufacturer we should of course know this. To be honest we could only guess, but with a bit of filtering and sorting on our name labels customer database we were able to create a top 20 name list. The database is absolutely huge, based on 6 years of name labels sales.

uk name labels

The top 3 names for boys were: Jack, James and Matthew.
The top 3 names for girls were: Emily, Jessica and Charlotte.
Not surprisingly the top surname was……Smith, then Jones, then Brown.

You can see the full top 20 lists on our site:
Label Planet’s Top Names For Girls & Boys

Maybe we should publish some of the more unusual names to help parents name their babies.

If you would like to know more about our name labels or our school fundraising opportunities contact a member of our sales team.