Lunch Box Name Labels

STIKINS ® name labels are waterproof and dishwasher proof and have been used on many thousands of lunch boxes.  It has even surprised us how durable the name labels are, with many parents reporting that the labels have outlived the items they have been stuck onto! These labels can be applied to lunch boxes and various other items such as water bottles and food containers, to make sure that your child comes home with the right items!

STIKINS ® can simply be printed with your child’s name to make sure items come home safely or they can be used for more specific purposes such as medical or allergy warnings. If your child has a particular allergy or dietary requirement, labelling their lunch box can be an extremely important step to help keep them safe. You can add details about your child’s allergies or diet to make it easy for your child to make teachers aware of their needs, or add your contact details in case of questions or an emergency.


One easy name label with multiple uses for all kinds of school items

Stikins New

  • Developed in 2010
  • Wash tested by an independent laboratory
  • One label, hundreds of uses
  • Sun-cream resistant
  • Safe for use on items that will be put into dishwashers or microwaves

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