School Fundraising With Stikins ® Name Labels

  • Get Your Unique Fundraising Number And Request Leaflets & Free Samples.
  • Let Parents Know About Your Fundraising Number Via Leaflets & Posters – See Our Commission Booster Plan.
  • Put A Link On Your School Site to Double Your Commission.
  • Parents Order Through Our Site, By Phone, Or By Post And Quote Your Fundraising Number.
  • Track Your Commission Online.
  • Automatically Receive Your Commission Cheque In October.

School Fundraising That Suits Your School

These simple steps to start school fundraising have been followed many thousands of times since 2004 – yet every school and PTA is different in their approach, and we are always surprised by how inventive and creative schools can be in their fundraising efforts. To support school fundraising we provide advice and fundraising materials for free, so there is no start up charge or ongoing costs. Parents tend to re-order name labels every year but the response rate from parents will vary from school to school, as well as over time as PTA organisers come and go. Active fundraisers communicate with parents in as many ways as possible to make them aware of the scheme, including emails, leaflets, samples, posters, and information on the school website.

Name Labels Sent Same Day (Mon-Fri) With Free First Class Postage and VAT Included