Frequently Asked Questions About Name Labels.

The Product

Q: What are STIKINS ® and TRONS ® made of?
A: STIKINS ® are made of an advanced plastic material; the adhesive is new and specially developed for an extra strong bond. TRONS ® do not have an adhesive, and are made of a single layer of an advanced synthetic film that is impregnated with ink.

Q: What size are STIKINS ® and TRONS ®?
A: STIKINS ® come in a universal size of 30mm × 15mm while our TRONS ® measure 35mm x 15mm.

Q: What font and text sizes do STIKINS ® and TRONS ® allow?
A: All of our labels are printed in a standard easy to read font.
Font size will vary depending on the number of characters used.
To make sure that you get as many characters as possible, our site calculates the actual character width to work out if the text will fit and adjusts the font size automatically.
If your entry is too long to print then a message will appear when you put your order in the basket. If your text is particularly long, the printer may allocate the text over three lines to make sure the text remains of a legible size. Text is printed using a central alignment.

Q: Can I print special characters onto my labels?
A: We allow any characters in the general ASCII range (up to 168), this means you can have all letters, capital or lower case, numbers, and most European characters.

Using The Product:

Q: Can STIKINS ® and TRONS ® be machine-washed/tumble-dried?
A: Yes, we are proud to say that both our STIKINS ® and TRONS ® have been thoroughly machine tested. STIKINS ® have been successfully tested by an independent laboratory using the BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedures for 30 washes at 40 degrees. You can also tumble dry your garments with no problems – in fact, the heat from your tumble-drier with strengthen the adhesive. TRONS ® have also been thoroughly tested in both washing machine and tumble-drier conditions for six months.

Q: What is the shelf life of STIKINS ® and TRONS ®?
A: We generally say that if stored appropriately in a cool, dry place, the quality of the product is at its best for the first two years for our Stikins® product and for the first five years for our TRONS ® product.

Q: How should STIKINS ® and TRONS ® be stored?
A: We recommend that you store STIKINS ® and TRONS ® in a dry place out of direct sunlight, preferably at room temperature.

Q: Can STIKINS ® and TRONS ® be ironed?
A: STIKINS ® MUST NOT come into direct contact with an iron – they are made of vinyl and will melt.
Similarly, you should avoid ironing directly over TRONS ® after they have been applied. Like t-shirts that have had a design added using a transfer, you should avoid ironing directly over the transfer as this can cause the print to disintegrate over time. 

Q: Are your products suitable for the dishwasher/microwave?
A: STIKINS ® are perfectly fine to stick onto items that will be put in a dishwasher or microwave. TRONS ® are designed for fabric items only, so this doesn’t apply to our name transfers.

Q: Can I stick STIKINS ® directly into clothes?
A: STIKINS ® are designed to stick onto the wash-care labels of garments and will not normally work when stuck directly onto clothes or onto brand labels. As our labels were stuck onto wash-care labels during testing we know that they work effectively in these conditions. Due to the variety of materials used to make garments, we cannot guarantee that STIKINS ® will adhere to garments directly.
TRONS ® can be applied directly onto a garment or onto any garment or wash-care label within a garment.

Q: Can STIKINS ® and TRONS ® be applied onto brand new garments?
A: We usually advise customers to wash new clothes before applying STIKINS ®. This is because brand new clothing may have traces of dust, excess dye, or chemicals that have been used to preserve clothing during storage and despatch, which can interfere with the adhesive. We would also advise the same for TRONS ® to ensure there is no residue to interfere with the application process.

Delivery information

Q: How much does the delivery cost?
A: Nothing extra. All of our prices displayed on this website or in any literature you may have are all-inclusive within the UK.

Q: When will I receive my labels?
A: All orders are made and despatched same day (Monday to Friday, where orders are received by 3pm) by Royal Mail’s first class service. Orders placed after 3pm and over the weekend are made and despatched on the next working day. Around 93% of first class mail arrives the next (working) day, with the rest taking a day or two extra.

Q: Can I have my labels sent to a different address?
A: Yes, just enter your billing address as separate from your delivery address.

Choosing the right product

Q: I have several children, can I split a label pack between multiple names?
A: Unfortunately, we are unable to do this.
There are a few alternative ways to order labels for multiple names. If you have an unusual surname, you could have labels printed with your surname only. Some parents choose to have the surname on the second line and then either leave the top line blank (and write the names in after) or include all of the first names on that top line. Others choose to have one name printed on the top line and another printed on the bottom line (and then cut them in two), or they have labels printed with the first child’s initial, the surname, and the second child’s initial (and cut off one of the initials as needed).

Q: What information can I have printed onto my labels?
A: You can have anything you want printed on your labels as long as they are normal keyboard characters (including capitals, numbers, and most European characters – please note we cannot print characters from non-English keyboards or images, such as emoji). Some customers choose to print their telephone number, some their children’s class number. We have also had customers requesting labels that are printed with address or email details, or with medical and allergy warnings.

If none of the above has answered your question we are always happy to provide you with more information. Call us during office hours on 01270 668076 or contact us via the contacts page on this site.

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