Use Your School’s Code To Raise Funds For Your Child’s School When You Buy Your Back To School Name Labels

Schools: Use Your School’s Code To Raise Funds For Your Child’s School When You Buy Your Back To School Name Labels

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If your child’s school is signed up to earn commission with us, they should have provided you with a School Code that will ensure that your order of name labels earns money for the school.

Schools can earn up to 30% commission on sales of name labels placed by parents and guardians, with the money raised being used for all sorts of exciting and creative projects and fundraising missions being undertaken by the school (or PTA).

Name labels are already extremely helpful to families AND schools because they are a quick and simple way to drastically reduce the amount of time and money that is wasted every year dealing with lost property in schools. Our commission scheme means that families and schools will have the additional benefit of earning commission funds for school fundraising projects from a purchase that is increasingly becoming an essential part of school life.

And all you need to do is make sure that you enter your school’s unique code when you place your order for name labels

Add a School Code to your order:
If you place an order online, you simply need to enter the school code in the “Enter School Commission Code” field just below the table where you select the pack size you want; if you order by phone, you should quote the school code as you order; and if you want to send a postal order using the order form on the back of our Information Leaflets, you should write the school code in the “School/Organisation Reference No.” box just above the address section.

Should you remember or find your school code AFTER you have placed an order, simply give us a call or send us an email and we can get the code added to your order.

Find out what your School Code is:
The school will have been given a code to distribute to parents but it’s up to them how they do this. They may hand out leaflets with the school code written on the front and/or back, include the code in a newsletter or email to parents, or simply list the school code (along with a link to our website) on the school or PTA website.

If you cannot find your school’s code, you can always send us an email or give us a call and we can confirm the code you need to use.

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