Take A Photo! – And Be Ready To Order Anyplace, Anytime!

Schools: Take A Photo! – And Be Ready To Order Anyplace, Anytime!

Tuesday 23rd June 2015   /   Schools   /   0 Comment(s)

Name Labels

Our new leaflets encourage parents to “Take A Photo!” of the leaflet so they have all the information they need ready and waiting on their phone or tablet when they come to order.

There’s a handy gap for schools, nurseries, or other organisations who are participating in our commission scheme to enter their unique reference number, so they can make absolutely sure that parents know which number to enter to help raise funds for their child’s school, nursery, or activity group – which can be used to support all kinds of ongoing fundraising projects.

Taking a photo means parents don’t need to keep track of the leaflet or write down all the details they need; they’ll simply be ready to order at any time.

Schools and groups participating in our commission scheme might want to take their own photo of the leaflet (with their unique reference number added to the “School Number” box, of course!) and put the image on the school website, social media pages, or in newsletters and e-newsletters to parents as a reminder that they can earn money for the school whenever they need to order (or reorder) name labels for their children’s school uniform, equipment, and personal belongings.

Parents will receive a leaflet with each order they place; schools and groups who are part of our commission scheme can request free copies to distribute to parents or members; and a copy of the leaflet can also be downloaded from our website.

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