Schools: Defeat Your Lost Property Mountain With Name Labels

Schools: Schools: Defeat Your Lost Property Mountain With Name Labels

Thursday 8th October 2015   /   Schools   /   0 Comment(s)

Schools have been back in business for around a month and it’s likely that the Lost Property box / cupboard / room / skip has already seen the arrival of some new additions – few, if any, of which will ever find their way back home.

We regularly receive comments from members of school staff who are frustrated over the amount of time and effort they have to waste on the problem of Lost Property – with many telling us that (despite their best efforts) most of the items they take in never make it home and they end up having to find creative ways to empty the Lost Property “box” before it overflows again the next year, or even the next term.

Schools have the benefit of being populated by a limited number of people, which should make it easier to trace the owner of any item that has been lost – after all, you know that the item has to belong to someone who attends the school and the school has a record of its pupils. However, as members of staff will know only too well, most items in the Lost Property box will be similar, if not identical, to those owned by other pupils at the school.

Name labels are an extremely effective and easy solution to the problem of lost property – for parents, pupils, and staff alike.

Adding a name labels means it is instantaneously clear to whom an item belongs, which means that it is less likely that an item will go missing in the first place. BUT, if something should go astray, it is also extremely easy to return it to the right person – without any need to organise yet another Lost Property event.

Our name labels are designed to make the process of labelling items as quick and efficient as possible. Our Stikins ® name labels simply stick on and stay on – they take moments to apply and can be used to label all sorts of items including school uniform, equipment, and personal belongings. Our Trons ® name transfers create a truly permanent name label on any fabric item, which makes them perfect for labelling school uniform, including any clothing required for P.E. or Performing Arts lessons.

We also operate a School Commission Scheme, which means that – as well as reducing the time and resources spent dealing with Lost Property – schools can actually earn money for their ongoing fundraising efforts every time a parent orders name labels to apply to their children’s belongings. We allocate schools with a unique code and each order placed where that code is quoted will earn up to 30% commission for the school.

You can find out more about our School Commission Scheme by visiting our website and clicking on the “Schools Information” button.

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