School Fundraising With Stikins ®: Earn Up To 30% Commission With Name Labels From Label Planet

Schools: School Fundraising With Stikins ®: Earn Up To 30% Commission With Name Labels From Label Planet

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Our commission scheme was set up in 2004 and is designed to be as simple, profitable, and useful as possible for schools, PTAs, nurseries, activity groups, and parents alike.


Many schools, nurseries, and activity groups struggle to cope with the problem of Lost Property and are often forced to waste their resources on collecting and attempting to return these items. Parents, too, are often annoyed and frustrated at the costs that they encounter when they are forced to replace items that are often brand new (and quite expensive).

Name labels are a simple way to help make sure that a child can keep hold of their belongings in the hustle and bustle of shared environments, such as schools and sports facilities. We supply two name label products; Stikins ® name labels (a multipurpose stick on name label that can be used on clothing and personal items) and Trons ® name transfers (an iron on transfer that can be used on fabric items), which can help prevent items from being mixed up or misplaced.

With many schools and parents now identifying name labels as an important (if not essential) bit of school kit, our commission scheme allows schools and groups to raise money each and every time a parent makes a purchase of these increasingly important items.


We allocate a unique School Code to your school, PTA, nursery, or group and every order placed where that number is quoted will count towards your commission total. We keep track of the orders placed and commission earned, with commission being paid out once a year in October.

Our commission scheme offers one step registration for year round fundraising that doesn’t require any initial or ongoing costs to participate. All you need to do is make sure that parents know about the commission scheme AND the all-important school code that will earn commission for your school or group – we take care of the rest. Parents can order anytime from our website (or contact our customer service team to order by phone) and we despatch all orders directly to customers within three working days of their order (Autumn-Spring; during the Summer months we offer same day despatch as standard).

Our basic rate of commission is 15% but we also provide the opportunity to boost this to 30%, simply by adding a link from the school/PTA or group website to our website.


Of course, as with any fundraising effort, the old adage “you get back what you put in” is a good thing to bear in mind. We know that schools, PTAs, and activity groups have limited time and resources, which is why we’ve come up with a few handy extras to help you boost your commission totals with the minimum amount of effort.

This year, we’ve put together a Fundraising Guide & Commission Booster Plan to provide a few tips and ideas for simple ways to boost the commission you earn. We also supply a number of free resources and materials to ensure that the fundraising message (and school code) makes it back to parents, including:

  • Leaflets to distribute to parents
  • Notice Board Poster
  • Example “Letters To Parents”
  • PTA PowerPoint Presentation

You can find all of these items (along with a copy of our Fundraising Guide & Commission Booster Plan) on our “Really Useful Downloads” page and you can request your free parents leaflets on our website here (alternatively, just give us a call).

For schools and groups who want to boost their commission to 30%, we’ve put together a page that explains how to go about adding a link and a Commission Claim Form, which you can use to let us know that you’ve got your link in place and you want your 30%!

To start fundraising, simply fill in our one-stop Registration Form, and we’ll get you set up in no time!

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